A Beautiful Mess

One of the first blogs I started reading last year before I started blogging, the prehistoric times, was A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess is two sisters who are AMAZINGLY crafty and share all types of ideas everything from: clothing, decorating, crafting and photography tips. 

The mugs I talk about here, were inspired from the site.

And the Christmas ornaments I talked about here, were also inspired from the site.

What I love about their site is how real they are and how easy it is to complete their projects in just a few hours. For someone who has a pinterest failure closet, their site makes me feel like I can totally tackle craft projects.

So when I saw that they created an APP I knew I need to have it.

A Beautiful Mess App

First of all how cute is there app design!

The app doesn't have as many filters as instagram, but it does allow you to write and add doodles on pictures. And for someone who babbles as much as I do I HEART the opportunity to add a few words to my pictures. I like the convenience of having this on my phone rather than sending pictures to my computer to add the fun little effects. And the APP was SO easy to use, aka addicting. You might of noticed yesterdays post, was full of pictures with doodles. 

The app does cost $.99 so it might not be exactly something you want to use in the classroom, but it does have loads of possibilities for fun pictures.

My kiddio's take lots of pictures to describe their problem solving process and to create so many graphic design projects: calendars, postcards, bookmarks and business cards, so I love the opportunity to write directly on a picture taken on the ipad or iphone.

I don't know about your students but my students love the opportunity to take, edit and create unique pictures. We have a list of free sites we currently use: webcamtoy, picmonkey, ipiccy and  pixlr, but I am always looking for more. 

What picture editing sites do you use?

While we are on the topic of pictures and babbling, I am currently working on updating and personalizing my blog, which for an indecisive girl is a major undertaking. My first big task was to add an All About Me page, so go check it out and leave me some feedback. I blog stalked enough of your about pages for inspiration.

- The Babbling Box!


  1. I've been following Elsie's blog for years. Tons of inspiration! Love their app. It's so fun!

  2. Thank you so much for linking up! I love your blog design:) That app looks great. Thanks for sharing!
    Fourth Grade Flipper