Six Years

This weekend marked six years since the start of this...

"We are the three best friends that anyone could have...the three best friends..."

And yes we have sang that song a few times, perhaps under the influence of a few adult beverages.

Back in 2007 we all three worked together at a sports bar in Austin. Mr. B and I started hanging out that weekend and never really stopped, we have such a romantic story. At the time Mr. B lived with Erica so of course we all three spent A LOT of time together. And then I lived with Erica and she became my partner in crime. Then Mr. B and I moved in together. You followed all that right?!?

Anyways, Erica and I had a Skype date scheduled Friday night that lasted from 6:00 to nearly 10:00 because that is what we do. 

Here is my set up pre-skype set up....

I have no pictures to show you post-skype because both of us polished off a bottle of wine and I went to sleep shortly after. Always the life of the party, this one. So I leave you with this oldie but goodie....

Saturday Mr. B's new car arrived. He is over the moon and won't shut up about it, but I love him anyways.

It's a pretty sweet car, but don't tell him I said that or I will never hear the end of it.

Saturday while Mr. B was getting carish things taken care of, he had a list though I really don't speak 'car language', I FINALLY made Erica's birthday present, only 3 months later. To be fair she moved during March so it was impossible to make this present accurately, don't even ask me what happened in April or May. 

I think they turned out pretty cute, hopefully they will show up on a how to blog post soonish.
Since Mr. B got something new I decided the only solution was a little shopping trip to Target.

Fun patterns are the path to true happiness!

New Target purse, it is so darn cute! But probably the smallest purse I have ever owned: both a curse and a blessing.
Saturday night Mr. B and I went to see the Fast and Furious 6 because he adores me. I have a major addiction to the series that normally Erica has always been around to fill but PA is definitely not a hop, jump and skip away, so Mr. B had to take her place for the night.
Super blurry, but we are I am too happy to care.
Hot cars + hot bods: what more could a girl ask for!!!
Sunday was filled with getting my life on track for this week, the boring things that you wish you had fairies to take care of, so I won't bore you with pictures.

I did break out the Wii Fit and played around on it, for lack of a better word I am very rusty.

My Wii fit age was...

wait for it...


Must improve. 

After a video game schools you and mocks you the only solution is to fill your evening with wine, TV with Mr. B and a 'healthy' take on strawberry shortcake.


Only 2 more days with students...the end is near!!!

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  1. Um... I gotta get to Target to check out those prints! And that car is pretty sweet.

    A bottle of wine? I call that school night drinkin'. :)