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Disclaimer: There are WAY to many GIFS in this post for you to think I am sane. BUT when have I ever claimed to be sane. IF gif humor hurts your soul or eyes please discontinue reading and perhaps...get a DRINK?!?

Hopefully a few of you stuck around... 

Well, HELLO there Friday!

This week went by so slow, I am sure most teachers out there would not be complaining about this BUT I have been doing curriculum writing and tech training all week so I have been itching for Friday to hurry up and get here. 

At 3:00 today I was like:

Who can so no to extra money, not this lady! 
BUT I also feel like my days of summer are dwindling away and I haven't gotten to do anything fun yet.

So instead of focusing on all of the sleeping in, laying out, reading and crafting I didn't get to do this week I am focusing on my top only five highlights from this week.


On Wednesday I had an awesome skype date with my bestie. 
I mentioned to a mutual friend that we keep in contact via skype and have two - five hour long skype dates once a month or so. 
Mutual friend thought we were crazy, but I never get sick of her face! 
She is one of the few people who I know I could call and would definitely help me hide a body or two, those types of friends are priceless.

On Wednesday I posted about my serious addiction love for pinterest, here.
My love of pinterest has driven me to find a way to force all of my students to love it. 
I am evil what can I say!
My first project this semester will be called BE...DO...HAVE! 
We will set up a board using each topic:
What do you want to be?
What do you want to have?
What do you want to do?
And they will go in and pin items describing each of these topics on the different boards.
It will be a great way to tie in cybersafety, All About Me and of course PINTEREST!

You could also do this project with a poster board and magazine clippings, I saw a really cute example of this...but I just couldn't resist taking it to the world wide web! 

Hopefully we will be able to set up a board for each project throughout the year so at the end of the semester the students will have a living portfolio of their work. A teacher can dream!

You can download the rubric for free from TPT.

How many of you out there feel like this when working with websites:

I feel like I have a different password and security question for nearly everything I do. Jenny at Luckeyfrog Lilypad made a cute little important password sheet for teachers for this very problem.

Which got me thinking about my classroom and the fact that not only do I have to keep up with my bazillion passwords but my kids constantly are forgetting how to log on, my email address, class website...etc.

So I went ahead and made a password sheet for my students that I plan to pass out at the beginning of school and hopefully get used all semester! A teacher can dream! I made sure to include a specific box at the top for them to write down their username and password and then the school's email address. The amount of time we I spend looking this information up is CRAzy!

This is the one you can download from TPT for free.
I made a small edit to include my email address and class website on the password list I plan to use for my classroom, but since this isn't common I didn't load this on TPT.
I continued working on my thirty miles in thirty days challenge.

Adventures of Manda and Mr Howie

June 16th - Wii work out.
June 17th - Stair master - 20 minutes - 85 flights - 1.73 miles.
Elliptical - 12 minutes - 1.06 miles.
June 19th - Stair master - 25 minutes - 100 flights - 2.09 miles.
June 20th - Stair master - 16 minutes - 64 flights - 1.34 miles.
Elliptical - 15 minutes - 1.35 miles and AB workout.
June 21st - Elliptical - 16 minutes - 1.31 miles.
Arm and ab workout.

This brings my June total to 22.75 miles.

And since it is #backthatazzup Friday my final item has to do with bringing more jams to your playlist...for FREE!

I wore yoga pants

I found this little gem on pinterest:

And while I was skeptical at first, let's be honest here my computer attracts viruses like honey attracts bees so I figured it would lead to that. 
But I was pleasantly surprised how easy this little converter is, and I am still here typing so all seems right with the virus world.

Is this legal? 
Who knows, I rarely worry my head with details like that. 
So looking for a easy way to add some new tunes to your playlists, give it a try!

And here is my little suggestion for a new jam to convert...I can not get enough of Kid Cudi right now!

This post got entirely too long too quick...if your still reading THANK YOU and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

- The Babbling Box!

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