The New 'old' Me

Well, Hello There!

Notice anything different? 
My blog got a face lift over the weekend! 
It still needs major healing time but its starting to look more like my personal blog and less like a blogger template. 

But let's rewind for a minute and start at the beginning.

This weekend was...not what I expected.

Sami's Shenanigans  still being [molly]

On Friday I did house cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping. BORING!

If only I could look that cool!

On Saturday my Dad showed up around 10:30 in the morning...yes you read that right...he is a very early riser.

We visited for most of the day then tried out the Oasis for lunch. Over the last 10 years I have never heard great things about the Oasis but with a view like this it was hard to believe it would be horrible.

Front Page Header Image

I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived. We were able to snag a table right on the patio edge over looking the lake. There were plenty of umbrellas and fans so the 100 degree temperatures were not even noticeable. The margaritas and queso were yummy. And for me that is truly the sign of whether a restaurant is good or not. The fajitas were ok, but really after the view and margaritas and queso I didn't mind one bit.

After my Dad left I realized I had absolutely nothing to do and Mr. B was going to be stuck at work until 2 am. What was a girl to do?!?

Organize my closet of course! I am nothing if not a party.
I put on some Kid Cudi and went through the entire closet top to bottom.

I now have five bags to go to the goodwill, so either I am really good at purging or really bad at shopping. Either way I am really happy with how neat the closet is now.

NOW, back to the blog remodel for my Made it Monday!

And yes I am counting this as a made it, it took me at least fifteen hours much longer than most projects I have done for the classroom!

A few weeks ago Maggie at Mess in the Making debuted her new blog that she did herself, which I thought looked awesome! And it got me thinking that I should redo my blog, myself. I know I could pay to have someone do this BUT:

One. I am poor and have no money.
Two. I am a teacher so I have unlimited amount of free time right now.
Three. I actually know HTML/teach it as my job.

Sounds easy enough, right?!?

I spent like three hours and too many glasses of Taaka just making my blog button. I used a website called pizap which I actually really liked and will definitely be using it in my classroom this year. 
And I sent my sister a copy of each one I made asking for a second opinion. Getting jealous of my Saturday night yet?

This is what I ended Saturday night with:

And a huge desire to just pay someone to do this for me + a huge headache possible from the amount of taaka.

On Sunday Mr. B and I went to brunch, then I napped because brunching is hard work.
And I woke up with a revived purpose of creating my damn blog myself. 

I changed my blog button because I was worried that the whole thing was starting to look like Barbie threw up on my page and that probably would attract the wrong kind of readers. 

Then I downloaded a software called Artisteer. I of course did the trial version because it was free and I am poor money conscious.

The software looks very much like any other Microsoft or Windows software you have ever used before. 

joomla templates

The really nice thing is the built in buttons that let you export right to your blogger account. They really made that part simple. 

I admit it was completely frustrating to do, but if you have a weekend or week and enjoy tinkering with website stuff/drank less than I did perhaps you could knock out your blog a lot quicker than I did mine. Perhaps in the future I would pay someone to redo my blog for me, but for now I think it looks like a pretty decent representation of me.

I also know there are still a lot of little things that need to be changed, but I must leave the computer behind before I go completely crazy!

Any opinions from other bloggers would be GREATLY appreciated considering my eyes have gone crossed eye from looking at this for way way too long!

I hope everyone else had an enjoyable more exciting weekend, can't wait to read about it!

- The Babbling Box!


  1. I am not a professional, but I like your blog button and header. Both caught my attention and isn't that the point of a blog?


  2. You crack me up!!! I TOTES think that your blog update counts as a Made it Monday- I feel your pain!!! It looks amazing- not like Barbie vomit one bit. :)
    Short and Sassy Teacher