High Five For Friday

This has been my first official week of summer and it has been nothing short of glorious.

We are off to Fredricksburg for the weekend so I am going to make this post short,
well as short as a babbler can really make a post. 
Because lets be honest I haven't packed anything. EEK!

So here are the highlights from this week!

 photo H54Fbutton-1_zpsa7aaa665.png  fiveforfriday

I redesigned my blog! 
I am still tinkering with the background and header 
BUT I feel like its a unique look that represents my personality.

I reached almost my 30 miles in 30 days challenge! 
But I mentioned I haven't packed yet so there will be no time for the gym today, perhaps Sunday when I return home.
Yes, there are two more days this month but I don't plan on doing any exercising this weekend...
there will be too much wine for that.
Definitely thinking I need to up the challenge next month.
Any suggestions?!?

Adventures of Manda and Mr Howie

June 24th - Elliptical - 20 minutes - 1.77 miles.
June 25th - Elliptical - 33 minutes - 3.04 miles.
Booty and Ab workout.
June 27th - Stair master - 25 minutes - 104 flights - 2.16 miles.

This brings my June total to 29.72 miles.

Mr. B and I took a quick road trip to Houston for a Cardinals/Astros game. 
The Cardinals lost, so my curse on all things St. Louis sports continues on.

One of Mr. B's friends was able to get us field access during Cardinals batting practice.

It was pretty awesome to get on a major league field, legally.

Mr. B was able to get David Freese to sign his jersey.

We shook hands with Matheny the Cardinals coach.

All and all it was an amazing once in a lifetime experience.

Lost in the under workings of Minute Maid Park.

I must also add that Mr. B is a die hard Cardinals fan, during playoff season I am always second in the list of things he loves...so for him this was a very special event.

I just realized that all this sport talk means I can link up with Sarah for Fan Friday...I don't for see that happening again until I start cursing the Rams come September.

Venus Trapped in Mars

I love the neon green color in my Birchbox this month, I am pretty sure it could glow in the dark it is so bright.
Each month I think I should cancel the membership and save the money BUT then I get something like this and suddenly I HEART Birchbox all over again.

And because it is Friday I couldn't resist linking up with Whitney for a little #backthatazzup Friday.

I wore yoga pants

Road trip Jams, and a very odd mixture of them at that.

Good Day by Nappy Roots on Grooveshark

- The Babbling Box!


  1. So cool you guys got to go on the field!

  2. Awesome song pick at the end by Alabama. :D Found you thru maggie and thought I'd check you out. HOpe you have a great weekend.