School's Out For Summer

Is it sad that I was saving my currently post until I could officially say that 'I AM DONE' probably but I don't care!!!

Because I AM DONE with the 2012-2013 school year!!!

So today I am finally linking up with Farley for June's currently, I might be a little tardy to the party (like number 437) but its summer time and I can be tardy if I want to. 

Listening:  This week has been crazy <good> busy with end of the year school stuff + fun social things so I am just getting around to watching the CMT award will probably take me at least three days to finish the whole thing but this girl HEARTS her some country boys and music so bring it on!

Loving:  Of course this was a give me, I beyond  HEART that it is summertime. These past three weeks have been stressful. So even though Monday I start summer work I will be on a break from dealing with students and my administration, this break is much needed.

Thinking:  Since I am working over the summer and taking three different trips (Houston conference, Fredricksburg with Mr. B and New York with mom and sister) I need to be diligent about taking care of myself and my personal to do's before I take on too many new school year projects. Perhaps its time to start making new lists again...I HEART me to do list's!

Wanting:  A tan, this should probably fall under needing, this girl is casper white right now. A manicure, goodness gracious cleaning my classroom ruined/shredded my nails. My hair hasn't been cut in six months and it probably needs it but I have no clue what I want...time to hit up the pinterest. 

Needing:  A new dress! My 28th birthday is Sunday and we are doing a happy hour at Eddie V's so I deserve a new dress to feel birthday worthy. It's time to break out the credit card!

3 Vacay Essentials:  1. iphone = maps, google searches, pictures, games, socialness, needless to say I would be lost without my iphone.  2.  Any one of my friends or family that I can be goofy with, take a million pictures with and share a few drinks with. 3. Clothes, duh!!! I pack enough for a at least a month when I travel and generally beat myself up because I forgot something I NEEDED. 

If you are still counting the days down to summer vacation I wish you patience and good luck. And please go link up with Farley so I am not the very last one to join the party!

Oh' boy fourth grade

- The Babbling Box!


  1. So I could totally tell my reading your post that we would be instant friends! I'm your new follower by the way. On my 3 vacay essentials I said "the man, the ipad, and the flip flops." Why did I say Ipad when I could just have my iphone? And I laughed out loud when I saw your said clothes - completely forgot about those!

    Anyway, I can agree with the mani. I can attest to the haircut. I just got mine cut for my wedding and it feels so good to have it re-layered and soft/shorter.

    Good luck with your to do list - I wills stay posted to see how things go! Happy early birthday!

    4th grade Sprinkles

  2. Wow! Second Courtney commenter here :P Thanks for stopping by my blog. I loved reading your post and congrats on officially being done! Doesn't it feel great? I had to LOL at your 'casper white' comment because I am totally casper white too and am desperate need of a tan. Looking forward to reading more from you!!!
    Teaching in Paradise

  3. Love the Carlton dance! We should all do that on the last day. Loved reading your currently! We've been watching the awards shows a ton here, too! Enjoy your summer - sounds like lots of fun!