Loving Working

I just couldn't help but link up with This Kind of Love to gush about how much I am loving my summer job right now. And no this is not sarcasm, I do love working. 

Of course I am loving so many other things right now but I am just going to talk about my summer job, hopefully I will reread this next year when I hee and haw about working during the summer time.

This summer I am doing curriculum writing for two weeks and then a paid tech training for the last week of June. Some people think I am crazy for working straight through June but frankly I need the money. 
IF I could handle it I should probably work straight through July. 
BUT this lady has a pretty packed schedule of hammock, sun and reading to fill up July.

Anyways back to what I am loving this week:

I am loving that my work hours are from 9:00 - 3:00.  
Holy moly, does that extra two hours in the morning make a difference in my mood.

I am loving that I can stay up with Mr. B till he is nearly ready for bed. 
Generally I am in bed hours before him so all this extra time together is lovely.

I am loving that my morning commute is 5 minutes exactly without a stoplight in sight. 
I am so lucky the high school hosting curriculum writing is so close.

I am loving that I can go and come as I please. 
Six hours is expected, but I have so much freedom to arrive early or later if needed.

I am loving that I am surrounded by teachers that teach similar TEKS to me, it has been so lovely to:  share my project ideas, been offered praise and even had teachers wanting to borrow my plans. Frankly it is just nice to talk with adults sometimes.

I am loving that these two weeks of curriculum writing are getting me ahead in my lesson planning.
The possibility of not staying at school past 4:30 is pushing me to use this time wisely.

I am loving that I can eat and use the bathroom whenever I want. 
Fellow teachers out there can relate to this one I am sure. 

And I am loving the extra pay coming from working. 
Who doesn't like extra money?!?! Crazy people that's who.

Mr. B are even planning a trip at the end of June to Fredricksburg so it will be like I am officially celebrating the start of my summer with a little extra cash in my pocket.

What are you loving this week?

- The Babbling Box!

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