I Confess...Apartment Living Is...

I had been hewing and hawing about posting this post for no other reason than because I didn't want to come off whiny. But its my blog and I will do what I want to. #beginrant

I confess...

.our apartment sucks.
For those who don't understand the way it works here (Austin), demand exceeds supply of affordable, good, livable apartments in this city to the point where if you don't sign a lease sight unseen on your future apartment 2-3 months out, you're going to end up shit-outta-luck. And the older/shittier complexes can basically run just north of slumlord status and still be in business because fuck you, they say so and what are you going to do about it, some California immigrant will probably pay twice what you will so suck it. Well, shockingly, our apartment that was "move in ready" on Saturday was a steaming pile of dogshit. Who needs working locks on East Riverside? Or a ceiling fan that hangs at less than a 25 degree angle? Cabinets that aren't rotting, and don't contain roach traps from the previous tenant? A/C vents that aren't so filthy that they're clogged? A dishwasher that you can actually open all the way, without it banging into the refrigerator? Ahhh that's all way too much to ask. The mister's words.

.our apartment leasing office managers are incompetent and downright rude.
On Sunday we walked through the apartment with a employee after the Saturday shit show we walked into, he took multiple pictures and even said "I wouldn't even live here" and told us it would be fixed 110%. The catch: he isn't a a manager so he has no pull. Monday we were told that our work order had been complete for our mailbox keys...no mention of anything else by the assistant manager. The actual manager of the apartment complex final contacted us with tons of bullshit lies. They are all looking and talking to us like we are crazy or seeing two different apartment complexes.

Today I stopped by to check on their progress...zip, nadda, nothing changed...so I stopped by the leasing office and the manager blew me off and the assistant manager pacified me. Apparently they will only deal with the mister...even though my name is on the stupid lease. I walked away before I could burn too many bridges...

.I am stressed to the max with the apartment 'issues', packing, spackling and such.
And I have probably taken it out on my students and mister just a tad too much this past week.

.I am trying to find positive items about the apartment that we our stuck with for the next 15 months.
The storage unit on the patio is very large...you know if it would lock and all.
The odd angles of the apartment mean the mister won't be recreating his TV room...so I will get my own: TV/workout/craft/dressing/beauty room. And he gets the living room.
There is only one window in the whole 2 bedroom apartment...so less curtains to buy?

.I have been wasting entirely too much time on pinterest looking for items to 'spruce' up the apartment.

Life Story Print by TwoThirdsHazel on Etsy, $10.00  cozy

gorgeous print  Bedroom Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodels and Decor

   Love the yellow, grey, and white. Also really like the frames above the bed.

There is a possibility that when the movers come this weekend and we move all of our belongings across town the apartment complex will have come through and provided us with a move in ready apartment...but I am not holding my breath. #endrant

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  1. Oh, Amy! I'm so sorry to hear all this. I know you said in your email that it was bad, but this is way worse than I imagined! I wonder if there's a loophole in tenant rights that allows you to walk away from a contract if you're not getting what you paid for, so to speak. I realize, though, that this would leave you homeless this weekend, but maybe it can be a negotiating point for the next couple days?

    Also? I NEED that shower curtain!

  2. UGH!!!!!!!!!!! I am NOT happy about this. How do these people get away with stuff like that. I just don't understand. I'm with Erin....I NEED the shower curtain too. I love all the pins you picked out. I'm sending you hugs! XO

  3. ugh, that sucks. i think where i am, you can get out of your lease if things aren't what you paid for...perhaps you can look into something similar? i hope it all works out.

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  4. Ugh, I feel ya on this one. I have yet to live in a good apartment complex with nice and helpful leasing office who actually makes repairs when you need them....good luck girl.

  5. Omg it all sounds like too much. We are currently living on cardboard flooring and we're just waiting for the restoration crew to come in and redo ALL of our floors. (Long story: our hot water tank leaked. They goofed up some of floors and now have to redo all of them- no charge.) But our life is half chaos/half liveable and I have such a hard time in that limbo state!

    I soooo feel for you. Just.. I don't know.. wait and see what happens and hope for the best. Try not to bite off the Mister's head too much. That's something I had been doing and I definitely was told to F*&% off.