For the last 28 days I have constantly been seeing people posting daily what they are thankful for and I thought I would jump on the bandwagon.

And then I saw this quote and realized I am extremely guilty of not being thankful for all that I have on a regular basis, so hopefully this is me making a conscious effort to be thankful daily for all that I have.

In the spirit of today, here are a few of the many things I am thankful for:

one. Mr. B.
two. My crazy wonderful family.
three. The opportunity I have to be a teacher and connect with students.
four. Nail polish.
five. Our home.
six. Being able to go work out my frustrations at the gym and how amazing I feel after.
seven. Dry shampoo. 
eight. Blogging. My wonderful readers and commentors. Bloggers who give me inspiration.
nine. The ability to go shopping tomorrow with all the crazies.
ten. Friends who are willing to cook Thanksgiving dinner and open their home up to us.
eleven. Gas stations that are open on Thanksgiving and sell wine.
twelve. Bubble baths.
thirteen. My health.
fourteen. Skype dates with Erica.
fifteen. Boots, leggings and scarves.
sixteen. Christmas decorations.
seventeen. Five day weekends.
eighteen. Friendships.
nineteen. Live music. Or any music really.
twenty. Cheesy holiday movies on Lifetime and ABC Family.
twenty one. Austin and its amazing outdoor locations.
twenty two. Silly photo shoots with friends, sisters and brothers
twenty three. Cozy blankets and pillows.
twenty four. Lazy days in the hammock.
twenty five. Candles.
twenty six. Two weeks off in December filled with family and friends.
twenty seven. Victoria Secret Online and easy returns.
twenty eight. Pinterest and all it inspires me to do.

- The Babbling Box!


This semester I have been more 'open' with my students about parts of my personal life...all that making a connection and shit. It's not like I ever lied about anything but my old students never seemed to ask questions about my personal life or were easily detoured when I changed the subject. 

But this semester my students have been asking a lot of questions, sometimes I feel like they are interrogating me, so I have been sharing a bit more about me and the mister and our life.

And I have come to this conclusion: 
my students are more concerned about my relationship than my family are.

Also the whole concept of 'you are in a relationship and an adult you must get married' never dies but that's a topic for another post.

Here are just a few conversations my students initiated over these past few weeks:

Female Student: Miss I need to ask you something personal.
Me: Yes.
Female Student: Are you married?
Me: No.
Female Student: Why not?
Me: Why do I need to get married?
Female Student: To change your last name.
Me: I don't want to change my last name.
Female Student: So you can get a dog or a cat or something.
Me: I don't like animals.
Female Student: So you can be happy or sad...or whatever.

Male Student: Do you have your man on check?
Me: No.
Male Student: Does he have you on check?
Me: No.
Male Student: But how does that work?

My students were talking to me about a male teacher they have this semester...

Female Student: He is thirty and has been with his girlfriend for two years so we told him...
Second Female Student: he better hurry up and put a ring on it.
Me: Gosh, two years...what must ya'll think about me.
Male Student: No Miss that's're different.

Male Student: Are you and your boyfriend going to break up soon?
Me: No we have been together for 6 plus years, I think we are going to stick together.
Multiple Male Students: WHAT?
Male Student Kneels Down At My Desk: And why hasn't he done what I am doing now...
Me: That's just not something I want him to do.
Other Male Student: So you aren't that serious.
Me: No we are, we just not getting married anytime soon.
Male Student: Are you okay with that? You can talk to me.

This went on for over 10 minutes. 

Male Student still down on his knee: Are you happy miss? Like really happy...because that's what I am worried about.

In my SEL class, the only group of students who have known me longer than two months, we have talked about my relationship and marriage many, many times so I thought they had buried this topic, until last week.

Female Student: Will you invite us to your wedding when you get married?
Me: I am not sure if I plan to have a wedding.
Second Female Student: No you have to, so we can come.
Third Female Student: Oh, we can be your bridesmaids.  
Female Student: And we can twerk down the aisle....
Second Female Student: We would be so awesome...

And before I knew it I had three girls twerking in my classroom.

With conversations like these I am sure you are worried about where your tax dollars are going, but rest assured occasionally we do real class work...when my kids aren't concerned about marrying me off or my emotional happiness.

So the next time your mom or whoever is annoying you about when you are going to get married, just know I have 150+ hormonal teenagers bugging me about it. I win.

Today is officially my Friday, five day weekend here we come! As much as I enjoy my students I can tell you no one was happier when that bell rang today that I was.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving Break!

- The Babbling Box!


This weekend Mr. B and I went to a concert: H2O, New Found Glory and Alkaline Trio, not exactly my cup of tea but I love concerts so a good time was had. Mr. B and I are a concert couple, some couples like going to the movies or out to dinner but for us nothing says 'us' like a little bar food and live music.

As I was enjoying the show/people watching I saw a young girl crowd surfing in very little clothing. Especially considering it had been in the 30's all day outside. Just having that thought pass through my brain made me feel old.

My next thought was I wonder how many people had grabbed a feel of her ass or boobs as she passed through the crowd. Another one of those thoughts that makes you feel too old.

And then it hit me, I was that girl once. Eight or so years ago. 

Maybe I wasn't crowd surfing but I certainly turned as many bar tops on sixth street into my stages, classy. I wore dangerously short dresses with heels because I knew a guy would notice. If a shirt showed my boobs I made sure to wear a colorful bra just to increase the chances of a guy hitting on me. 

For me it was a game: get sexed dressed up, go out, put on a show and wait for the compliments to come rolling in. I loved the attention. And when I 'won' by getting a guy to get my number or buy me a drink...etc. I felt like a million bucks. But when I 'lost' I beat myself up internally, comparing myself to the hundreds of girls out doing the exact same thing I was.

Just your average night out!

Does the whole thing make me sound extremely shallow, probably. But the truth is I don't regret a minute of it because it allowed me to become exactly who I am right now, to truly be able to understand how to love myself but also desire and accept attention from the opposite sex with a bit more grace. And I had a hell of a lot of fun doing it.

As I was watching the girl get passed through the crowd I didn't envy her youth or the attention she was getting because I feel so comfortable in my own skin right now and I wouldn't trade that feeling for any amount of youth. But that's me, that's the path I am on right now.

Adulthood is hard and there is no guidebook that says that every woman has to grow out of stages or experience stages at the exact same time. Thank goodness. But we (meaning woman) have such a tendency to make it harder by judging the girl next to us for the choices she is making. We label them 'whore' or 'attention seeking' and look down at them for not being 'as together' as we think they should be. And to me that sucks, we should be able to celebrate each other's confidence or ways of self expression but instead we pass judgement. We often times are so busy putting down or judging the woman around us that we forget how to love ourselves or just have fun. No wonder women look to men for attention or confidence boosters.

So what is my point here, not exactly sure but what's new. My hope though is that the next time I see a girl dancing on a bar or parading around in next to nothing that I can think: go her for having the confidence to live her life the way she wants to.

We all love attention and compliments and want to feel desired, some of us just go looking for it more than others at different points in our lives. How are we supposed to teach young girls to love themselves and embrace their individuality if we are constantly passing judgement of women who are doing the exact same thing, just in a way we currently wouldn't.

End rant.

Saturday afternoon as I was walking into Target with three day old hair, no makeup and the clothes I lounged in the night before, looking classy. A man in the parking lot passed by, turned and gave me a double take, then turned his head back and said "mmm girl, if someone hasn't told you you are beautiful today you should go home and kick their ass."

Did I need to hear that, no, but I certainly had a little more pep in my step as I went about my weekend errands. And every woman deserves to hear a compliment as unique as that at least once in their life.

I guess its all about finding the balance between being able to channel my attention seeking desires and feeling comfortable in my own skin.

What is the most unique or odd compliment you have received?
At what point in your life did you 'grow' out of your attention seeking ways?

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Finding My Own Way

I wish I worked at a job that allowed me to take sick days when I had the flu. 
I wish I worked at a job that ended when the eight hour day was up, or at least paid me over time for my ten hour days. 
I wish I worked at a job that required me to only perform my assigned duties and not take on extra roles, for free.

By Wednesday this week, my third day of running a fever, I was exhausted and fed up. I cried on the way home from work. I wrote this horrible ranty blog post in my head four different ways. But the reality was I took a NyQuil, mixed it with a small boozy drink and tucked myself in bed at the ripe hour of nine. For me sometimes putting my sadness and frustrations into written words helps me find my way around or through the fog of my anxieties. And sometimes my anxieties are too high and my words just become a jumbled mess. Or it was the mixture of booze and NyQuil.

I am happy that I delayed writing that post because my students were able to remind me in five amazing ways why I love my job so much and with their help I found my way down and into a very fulfilled place.

A student handed me this poem on the way out the door today. I sometimes forget how perceptive students can be towards our moods. And while this poem pretty much makes me think I need a major attitude adjustment, it also reminded me how amazing my students are.

Last Saturday my dad came into town and built our Robotics competition table, because he is awesome. This week I needed to get the table set up so we could start practicing for the competition. But that required time and time is something I am always short on.

So the table sat like this for two days:

Here are a few questions kids asked me:

"Are we going to race guinea pigs?"
"Are we going to fill it up with water?"
"Is this to play dice?"
"Are we going to race turtle?"
"This is so cool, how did you build this?"

Honestly, their creativity of what the table could be for was mind blowing and it made me laugh so much on days I really needed to laugh.

Once our competition supplies arrived I knew I was in trouble, the average build time for all of the supplies was 5+ hours, not sure when I have an additional five hours in my life...thanks Lego.

But my students came through in a big way. My eighth period web design kids offered to help when they finished early. They offered to quit playing their video games and help me set something up that wasn't even for them. The next day my SEL(homeroom) students offered to help build, when they didn't have to. My Robotics kids also jumped at the chance to help build.

Our table is nearly complete and looks pretty amazing. Proud teacher moments, is a complete understatement.

In nearly every class at least 10 students asked if I was sick. I would have a dainty horrible coughing fit and more students would ask if I was okay. Even my most talkative student in the dreaded 7th period told me she was going to be quiet today so I could rest my voice. So many times kids get a bad rap for not being considerate or caring, but I can tell you without a doubt my kids cared more this week then I ever would have even guessed. I even feel guilty for not giving them enough credit.

This story requires some back story but I want to remember it for years to come so its worth telling. 

Last year I had a student who was horrible, lets call him John. We did not get along at all. His AP would have to sit in the classroom with him to even get him to stay the whole period without cursing me out or walking out. And sometimes it still happened. This went on all semester until he threatened to rape a female student in the room and finally I had enough reason to have him removed from my class. 

So this year when John showed up on my SEL (homeroom) roster I was worried, I have been following my SEL class since they were 6th graders and we are a very close knit group. We didn't start out that way but I am very attached to them, and I was very worried John would ruin the dynamic.

And to my surprise it has been exactly the opposite. John has joined our class seamlessly and him and I have really connected. Who would of guessed.

Thursday we had a No Tardy Party for the eighth graders, basically if they had no tardies for the month of October they get to have a recess but if they had tardies they stay inside for an attendance lesson. One of those extra things I take on to plan, because I can't say no. I always schedule myself to stay inside with my group, so another teacher had to drop off students to my room that were staying inside. My SEL kids were not happy that other students would be there, they also are very attached to our dynamic. Not exactly sure I should be encouraging this, but sorry I'm not sorry.

This kid showed up who I have had history with before and he takes one look at me and refuses to even walk in my door. Apparently on top of being sad I am scary. John takes it upon himself to go talk to the student and get him into the room. Then when said student takes to mocking me, John stands up for me and puts the kid in his place.

Less than a year ago John was calling me every curse word under the sun and now he was standing up for me, an action that could easily hurt his reputation. I was speechless and nearly teared up. I blamed the cold medicine but really it was a powerful moment.

The truth is that my students won't always be able to guide me through my moments of panic and frustration and most of the time I will need to find my own way to remind myself that I am on the right path or making a difference. But the reality is that moments like these further cement what I already know and help me when I feel that fog taking over.

What allows you to find your own way back from the sadness or frustrations of life?

Since it is Friday and all its time to #backthatazzup and share my favorite song of the week.

I just listened to this song for the umpteenth time and realized perhaps why my kids might think I am depressed but I just can't get enough of it!

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Hpnotiq SparkleLouder - Win a Trip to NYC for New Year's

Anyone out there even thinking about New Year's Eve yet?

I can tell you I am, because my bestie and her man are flying down here from PA to stay with us for the whole week. SO EXCITED, doesn't even begin to describe it. 

New Year's Eve is already a really big deal to me for three reasons: one the mister and I first said I Love You at midnight on NYE, two in the past six years the mister always leaves for a week during Christmas and we never spend Christmas together but he always makes it home to celebrate NYE with me and three I love dressing up! Throw my bestie in the mix and this year is looking pretty spectacular.

While we will be celebrating here in Austin, you could be celebrating in NYC with three of your girlfriends for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the ball drop in Times Square!

Sound too good to be true? 

All you have to do is enter the Hpnotiq SparkleLouder Contest between November 4, 2013 and December 8, 2013. Entering is basically a bloggers dream, all you have to do is upload a picture showing how you plan to Sparkle Louder on New Year’s Eve - whether it’s a glam outfit, you with your girlfriends or a selfie. Then use Hpnotiq’s “SparkleLouder” app to make your photo shine! 

Blogger love pictures and gifs and glitter...really this should be a piece of cake.

Every entry gives you more weekly chances to win one of 20 EFFY Diamond & Blue Topaz Rings Sweepstakes Prizes (four each week)! And of course the entry that Sparkles the Loudest will win the Grand Prize: A New Year’ s Eve trip for you and three girlfriends to New York City for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the ball drop in Times Square!

The app and contest entry can be found here: and don't forget to use the official hashtag: #SparkleLouder when you share your pictures on social media.

While I can't win the prize, I had way too much fun playing with the app! 
Here is one of my favorite NYE memories filled with sparklers and silly glittery hats:

And since I am me, I have already been 'secretly' shopping for a new NYE outfit, I tend to stay low key: cute shirt, tights and boots but I love finding pieces that sparkle. And I have been drooling over these sequin skirts and tops...

Gold sequined kaftan  Sequin Tulle Skirt  

Don't forget to enter the SparkleLouder contest for your chance to ring the New Year's in NYC!

What would you wear on NYE if you won? 
Do you already have NYE plans?

- - The Babbling Box!


Happy Friday! 

Before I dive into my Five for Friday list I thought I should point out something very spectacular: 

This is my fifth post of the week! 

I realize boasting about this is sad and probably means I need a life but I am pretty impressed with myself. Blogging is the last thing on my to do list each night and most of the time a drink with the mister will triumph over blogging but this week I some how managed to word vomit five whole times.

Okay, that's enough boasting.

I checked my teacher box this week and found a handful of sweet notes from my students. We are MOY testing in our core classes and a common activity after MOY's is to write thank you notes to teachers, but they had at least five other teachers they could have written to so these pretty much made my week.

I decided to pay it forward and had my Career Tech students create postcards. We printed the postcards and then they had to properly address them and write a message to a teacher. These messages were so sweet. And their postcards were pretty neat too. It's so funny how different boys and girls handle this project, last year I taught a lot of girls and they spent 5 days perfecting their postcards and some of them were stunning. But this year I teach mostly boys and they were done in a day and a half, with a what's next attitude. 

I am really awful at remembering all of the 'charming' things that my students say or do come Friday but sometimes a story sticks with me that is worth sharing.

I have a student who is always tardy. I teach him both in 7th and 8th period and realistically he shouldn't be tardy to 8th period, but he is. Generally when a student has racked up 80 tardies by November they are also a disciplinary nightmare but this kid mostly just comes in, hardly speaks and mostly works. I compare him to a cat sometimes, he generally is a little ornery and just wonders about until he is good and ready to sit down or join the class. 

Today during 8th period he was the only student missing and some of the girls said they saw him walking past them, in the opposite direction. One girl suggested they all clap when he arrives, as a 'way to go you found the classroom' sort of thing. I didn't stop them, just sat my happy butt down and waited. In he strolls with absolutely no care in the world and suddenly 29 students are clapping. The look on his face was pure embarrassment and I loved every minute of it. Will he be tardy Monday, most likely but really as a teacher I get my kicks in where I can.

At the beginning of the year I wrote a few grant proposals in hopes of getting funding for my robotics students to compete in a First Lego League Competition, but alas nothing ever panned out. While my admin expect me to have a team compete we are a Title One school and there is no funding, so I figured we were out of luck this year. 

Until this week when we received a $300 grant. 

It required a lot of phone calls and quick begging to get FLL to uncancel our registration but they did and we are all set to compete.

This also means we are competing. In three weeks. One of those weeks is a three day Thanksgiving break.

I am generally completely behind the pop culture curve on most things and this week I was reminded of this once again. I just heard Lorde's Team and I have become obsessed with it, of course after Shazam I realized that she also sings the Royals song which I already really liked, so I am not that far behind the curve. 

Anyways I had it playing in my room and in walks a group of students who sigh and dramatically respond with the 'I am so sick of this song' apparently it has been out or over played for a bit. 
But I don't care she rocks and I am the DJ in my classroom. 

Plus she is 17, I could only dream of being that cool at 17...or any age really. 

And I seriously am on a mission to find the perfect purple lipstick now. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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On Facebook I am friends with a lot of people I went to high school with, actually I am probably only on Facebook to keep up people I went to high school with. 
By keep up, I mean stalk or judge. 

And every Thursday my Facebook wall is filled with a variety of pictures from high school, middle school and elementary that I would rather not see the light of day. Do these people really have nothing better to do than scan old yearbook photos in?

Because this is a picture I needed wanted everyone to see:

I really feel that someone should ask some sort of permission before posting these like, 'hey I haven't spoken to you in 10 years but I really wanted to post that one picture where you were stuffing giant marshmallows in your mouth. Great to catch up.'

But no all you get is Facebook asking permission to accept a tag. Considering most of our high school has now seen the picture it really doesn't matter if I accept the tag or not. Thanks.

Perhaps I am being super sensitive about this whole matter because frankly I share a lot of awkward pictures of myself on this blog. But then again the important piece of that sentence is "I" do the sharing.

I already lived through the middle school and high school years once, and not so gracefully I might I add, I really don't want to relieve those moments. And thankfully this was all before the time of Facebook and social media. My first pictures on Facebook were once I got a set of boobs and discovered drinking, so pure class really. Now those are pictures worth sharing.

Today my SEL(homeroom) students were off task in our discussion, go figure, and we were talking about how different/difficult social media makes the teenage years. They said they wanted to see pictures of me in middle school/high school to see if I was as awkward as I tell them I was. 

I was able to pull this goody out since I used it at the beginning of the school year as an ice breaker with the rest of my students. My SEL students laughed for a good 5 minutes. Thanks.

Am I the only one who is bombarded with a million #TBT posts on Facebook? 
Am I just being oversensitive about pictures from ten plus years ago...probably.

- The Babbling Box!


I don't always post about fashion but when I do I generally apologize for my photo quality. 
All these fashion bloggers out there can intimidate a girl.

But I survived Math and Science Night tonight, wrote two of my four lesson plans today and the mister is working late so I am catching up on Ravenswood. So I feeling confident so I figured why the hell not share some bathroom selfies. 

I can proudly say that I have only been shopping twice since school started and I have not repeated an outfit yet. I should say first that I am thankful to have a closet that is so substantial. I should secondly say that yes I am proud that I have only shopped twice. I have a horrible shopping addiction that is unhealthy given my teacher budget. I am not afraid to do a little damage on the plastics expense and consider it tomorrow's problem. 

When my shopping urges get completely out of control I try and silence them by playing a little dress up with my clothing. And sometimes I reinvent a outfit with a few different accessories and create a cute, in my opinion, and completely different look. 

I can definitely credit social media with its massive amount of outfit posts that go up on blogs, instagram and pinterest which further inspire me to turn dresses into skirts and really stretch my wardrobe.

Here are a few looks recently reinvented:

Look One. Skirt - Target, T-Shirt - Local Boutique, Belt - Target, Necklace - Target, Boots - Reef
Look Two. Skirt - Target, Shirt - Forever 21, Belt - Target, Flats - Reef

Look One. Dress/Skirt - Gap, Shirt - Gap, Necklace and Earrings - Charming Charlie, Flats - Reef
Look Two. Dress/Skirt - Gap, Jacket - Target, Necklace - Target, Flats - Reef

Look One. Denim Shirt - Forever 21, Dress/Skirt - Target, Flats - Reef
Look Two. Dress/Skirt - Target, Necklace - Target, Gladiator Sandals - DSW.

After typing this I realize that a large portion of my clothing comes from Target, which just so happens to be across the street, which might even explain why I always blow my shopping budget.

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My 7th period is cursed. 
At this point I am ready to beg, hands and knees beg, my administration to give me 7th period off next year. 
One can wish.

Semester One:
My 7th period was a joke, a mess, utter chaos. Day two, a 'bridges' kid walked into my room grabbed all of the warm ups jumped on a table and made it rain. His 'supervisor' aka shadow just followed him and watched, I think he asked him to get down. All I could do was stare in disbelief. Week two, two large boys (taller and heavier than me) got into a knock down bloody fist fight and had to be separated...over markers. 
Yes you read that right. 

But I didn't quit because I am a glutton for punishment. Or something like that.

Semester Two:
My 7th period started off better, but really when you start at chaos there is only one way to go, up. Most of the kids would stay seated and a few of them even tried to work. Then our read 180 teacher had to take leave for the rest of the semester so she had a permanent sub. The 7th/8th block was a 'tough' group who decided to take that 90 minutes and visit 7-11 and come back and throw a party every day. Needless to say they decided to break that class up and give each elective teacher five of them. Enter more chaos. On the ultimate day of chaos which involved shaving cream and three calls to the officer, two students decided to go through my purse and steal my phone. They went through my wallet too but alas I am poor and don't have cash to steal. I win?!?

I pressed charges against a 14 year old and he was arrested. Turns out he was a little klepto and already had one arrest and multiple teachers thanked me later because he was always stealing stuff from them. 
So there's that.

Semester Three:
I had the pleasure of two bridges boys in one room and a supervisor they walked all over daily. The two boys spent most days yelling at each other across the room and riling each other so badly that one would almost throw a punch or the other just walked out. I had a kid who fell out of his chair and flipped his chair on himself daily in order to make people laugh. I had a kid who would walk outside to the parking lot behind my room and just pace. And the AC was out for nine weeks, which generally meant the room was about 86 degrees around 7th period, tension was high on all fronts.

Semester Four:
This was probably the best group of 7th period students ever, if only I had known that now, mostly everyone worked, mostly they all stayed seated and I even could get through instruction most days. But I ended up with a student from my first semester in the room and he seemed excited to have me again. Until he realized that I wasn't the same and the room wasn't the same. Then he was bored.

He cursed a lot. Was tardy everyday and tried really hard to get the other students to play along and a few would. So he tried harder. Until he lost it and pushed me and cursed me out. So that's fun.

Semester Five:
This semester. I don't even have words. But it's me so I will try to find some.

I can honestly say I have never had a class full of students who get it less than these students.


They don't understand that if they are out of their seats I will give them a consequence. They actually wait to start talking and making noise until I am giving instructions. They don't care if they get game time at the end of the week. They just don't get that negative behavior equals less game time and positive game time equals more game time. It's like some sort of sick twisted game they enjoy playing. 

And it's not just one student, or's ten. 

I miss when I had students that just refused to work, I could coax the toughest student to turn in any assignment and I have. I have kids that pass my class that don't pass a single other class. I have dealt with some very tough students in the past and by no means do these students match the level of intensity.

It's like dealing with drunk people that enjoy mindlessly wondering around the room arguing with you for absolutely no reason.

So all my teacher bloggers, I desperately need some suggestions for how to improve this class so I don't strangle a student in the next six weeks. That's generally frowned upon.

What do you do to turn a tough class around? 

And let me just go ahead and throw this tidbit out there parent contact has resulted in zero help and me getting chewed out a few times.

- The Babbling Box!

We're Having Fun

I hate Mondays. 
I especially hate Mondays with professional development. 
I honestly would prefer dealing with my students, even 7th period, rather than professional development. 
Every job has things that make you grit your teeth, space out, check out or just bring out feelings of loathing...professional development is mine. End rant. 

You know what I don't hate?
The weekend. And we've been having fun.

Last weekend we went to see Frank Turner at Mohawk. First, the set up at Mohawk is awesome! I love being able to stand up above the stage away from the crowds but still feel like I am super close. Makes sense right. Second, if you haven't heard of Frank Turner before go listen, now. You can thank me later. I know his style of music isn't for everyone but I adore him and he is pretty easy on the eyes. He put on probably one of the best shows I have seen in a long time. Frank Turner always looks like he is having the time of his life on stage and interacts with the crowd in a way that makes you forget how much you paid for concert tickets. This girl was happy.

It was too dark for pictures so I stuck to instagram video's: one and two which I didn't realize were super shaky until I watched them on the computer. Go me.

Last weekend we also had a birthday dinner for a friend, Sunday night happy hour can be a dangerous game depending on my self control, but fun was had and it was great seeing KT..aka the birthday girl. Adding to my to do list to see her more often. 

It was a unique mix of people, mostly people I didn't know and some people that I have known for 10 years. One of the really special things about Austin is how big it is but how small it can seem when people from your past are always popping up. I definitely have mixed feelings about running into my past acquaintances or remembering things I would rather not. 

But I had no mixed feelings about my first Moscow Mule, it was delicious and now I must purchase a proper cup and the supplies so the mister can keep me satisfied.

This weekend my sister came up so we could celebrate her birthday, a few days late, she turned 24 on Halloween and it was the first opportunity for us to spend time together since NYC...a tragedy really.

I threw the idea of going to a pumpkin patch and corn maze out there and she was on board, thank goodness...dragging her would of been rude. So we wondered through a corn maze shaped like Willie Nelson drinking beer, only in Texas. Climbed on hay bales and took silly pictures. But mostly just enjoyed each others company. Sign 100 I am a country girl at heart: nothing makes me happier than serious girl talk that happens outside with wonderful country views and a ice cold beer.

Bonus I was able to tick two things off my fall bucket list.

What's your favorite way to spend a fall weekend?

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