Happy Friday! 

Before I dive into my Five for Friday list I thought I should point out something very spectacular: 

This is my fifth post of the week! 

I realize boasting about this is sad and probably means I need a life but I am pretty impressed with myself. Blogging is the last thing on my to do list each night and most of the time a drink with the mister will triumph over blogging but this week I some how managed to word vomit five whole times.

Okay, that's enough boasting.

I checked my teacher box this week and found a handful of sweet notes from my students. We are MOY testing in our core classes and a common activity after MOY's is to write thank you notes to teachers, but they had at least five other teachers they could have written to so these pretty much made my week.

I decided to pay it forward and had my Career Tech students create postcards. We printed the postcards and then they had to properly address them and write a message to a teacher. These messages were so sweet. And their postcards were pretty neat too. It's so funny how different boys and girls handle this project, last year I taught a lot of girls and they spent 5 days perfecting their postcards and some of them were stunning. But this year I teach mostly boys and they were done in a day and a half, with a what's next attitude. 

I am really awful at remembering all of the 'charming' things that my students say or do come Friday but sometimes a story sticks with me that is worth sharing.

I have a student who is always tardy. I teach him both in 7th and 8th period and realistically he shouldn't be tardy to 8th period, but he is. Generally when a student has racked up 80 tardies by November they are also a disciplinary nightmare but this kid mostly just comes in, hardly speaks and mostly works. I compare him to a cat sometimes, he generally is a little ornery and just wonders about until he is good and ready to sit down or join the class. 

Today during 8th period he was the only student missing and some of the girls said they saw him walking past them, in the opposite direction. One girl suggested they all clap when he arrives, as a 'way to go you found the classroom' sort of thing. I didn't stop them, just sat my happy butt down and waited. In he strolls with absolutely no care in the world and suddenly 29 students are clapping. The look on his face was pure embarrassment and I loved every minute of it. Will he be tardy Monday, most likely but really as a teacher I get my kicks in where I can.

At the beginning of the year I wrote a few grant proposals in hopes of getting funding for my robotics students to compete in a First Lego League Competition, but alas nothing ever panned out. While my admin expect me to have a team compete we are a Title One school and there is no funding, so I figured we were out of luck this year. 

Until this week when we received a $300 grant. 

It required a lot of phone calls and quick begging to get FLL to uncancel our registration but they did and we are all set to compete.

This also means we are competing. In three weeks. One of those weeks is a three day Thanksgiving break.

I am generally completely behind the pop culture curve on most things and this week I was reminded of this once again. I just heard Lorde's Team and I have become obsessed with it, of course after Shazam I realized that she also sings the Royals song which I already really liked, so I am not that far behind the curve. 

Anyways I had it playing in my room and in walks a group of students who sigh and dramatically respond with the 'I am so sick of this song' apparently it has been out or over played for a bit. 
But I don't care she rocks and I am the DJ in my classroom. 

Plus she is 17, I could only dream of being that cool at 17...or any age really. 

And I seriously am on a mission to find the perfect purple lipstick now. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I'm doing the happy dance for your FIVE days of posting. I have never heard this Lordes' song...
    I didn't realize she was only 17. Let's hope she doesn't get naked on a wrecking ball by the time she is 20 like Miley did. Congrats on your Lego challenge...does this mean you give up three days of your break???