It's Friday which means for the next two days I have absolutely zero worries in the morning. And by morning I mean eleven o'clock when I crawl out of my darkened bedroom seeking breakfast sandwiches and pushing the limits for how long its appropriate to wear pajamas.

During the week my morning process is a whole different story nightmare. I have said before how I am not a morning person and I really can't repeat that sentence enough to drive that point home. I would donate half of my closet if I could arrive at work around 10 am, but alas I must arrive at work sometime between 7:15-7:45. 

All teachers are required to do two weeks of morning duty with four weeks off in between and these past four weeks have been glorious. But then Monday reared its ugly head. Sunday night I mentally prepped myself for arriving early to work by 7:15, laid out my outfits, set the alarm and then epically failed. 

And continued this process of failures all week long and the reason is pretty much self sabotage. 

How I sabotage myself you ask?
 So glad you asked, let me lay it out for you:

one. Set three alarms at a reasonable hour. Then allow all three alarms to go off at different times, hitting snooze each time. Then negotiate with yourself what your prize will be for getting out of bed. Then when the mister is ready to smoother you with a pillow get out of bed and take the blankets with you.

two. Pack a lunch for yourself. In a hurry, the Honestly Good Lean Cuisine frozen meals that every blogger has blogged about are pretty awesome and quick to pack! But then think about all the different snacks you might need, for the vast amount of time you don't spend snacking. Going hungry just makes you grumpy.

three. Even though you over slept go ahead and curl up under your blankets on the couch and catch up on some blogs. A glass of warm lemon water with coconut oil will help soothe your morning blues. You must sip it slowly, it's warm and all, savor the goodness while reading a few dozen blogs.

four. Once your blogger is all caught up, go ahead and move all of your things to your room to begin getting ready. This includes your phone for music, a glass of spark for caffeine and your blanket because it could be cold.

five. Go ahead and play with your eye shadows and experiment with different makeup looks, it's not like you are in a hurry or anything. 

six. Next up comes doing your hair. Now would be the time to try all of those hairstyles you keep pinning on pinterest, actually go ahead and open up pinterest and go browsing you might find the perfect hairstyle for the day.

seven. Finally picking an outfit out for the day, time to play dress up! First, check the weather it is Texas you never know. Then ignore the outfit you already laid out, it's boring. Next try on at least three or four different outfits, then repeat. Once you are sure the first outfit was the right call, put it back on.

Eight. Pick out two or three pair of shoes to match the outfit and go ahead and bring all of them to work. Reef's flats are amazingly comfortable but you might want flip flops, just in case. If you are wearing booties go ahead and bring flats and flip flops, your moods can be unpredictable. 

Nine. Realize you are running 20+ minutes late and go ahead and play with that new picture app you downloaded, so you have outfit of the day pictures for your blog. Retake them at least twice, your barely awake it's hard to judge if that smile works or not.

Ten. Peel out of your drive way and realize that traffic is now at a stand still and you will most likely be late. Go ahead and come up with at least three legit reasons why you didn't show up to duty on time. Actually, use this time to get mad at the teachers who never show up to duty, that will really get you in the mood to go into work. Scratch all of those plans and blast some music in order to find the perfect song of the day, you must remember your priorities.

Today I introduced my student's to a little Frank Turner, they were unimpressed. Sorry, I'm not sorry. 

Photosynthesis by Frank Turner on Grooveshark

Here are a few of the morning products I can't live without:

Advocare Spark, not sure how I could function without it.
Batiste Dry Shampoo, where has this been all my life. Amazing!
Coconut Oil. Great for your stomach, smooth on your hair and takes make up off. I call that a win.
BH Baked Eye shadows, nothing makes me feel ready to conquer twelve years olds like pretty eye shadows.

Does anyone else self sabotage in the mornings? Or am I the only crazy one who can't get it together in the morning?

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  1. Oh man I could totally relate to this post. It takes me FOREVER to get ready and I hate it. I have learned a few tricks, like laying out my clothes, packing my bags (I usually have like 3..ha), and packing my breakfast and lunch the night before. Mornings can be so hard sometimes..! haha

  2. You are so funny. Going online in the morning before work, is always a problem for me. I just lose track of time, so fast! I wasn't into blogging when I was working, like I am now. (On maternity leave right now.) But once I go back in the spring, I'll have to make note to NOT BE LIKE YOU, bad girl! ;)

  3. I like to save myself the hassle and just set my alarm for the latest possible minute I can get up so I can't even consider pressing snooze without being late. I'm actually quite productive when I have that jolt of adrenaline telling me I'm going to be late for work and can get out the door in about 10 minutes if everything is planned the night before. I've even been known to shower, fix my hair, AND my makeup to save time in the morning. But I swear I don't do that anymore. :)

  4. I truly believe I would be a better teacher if parents just signed their children up for night school. I'd get to wear pajamas, not have to brush my hair and I would be in a good mood...always.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'