We're Having Fun

I hate Mondays. 
I especially hate Mondays with professional development. 
I honestly would prefer dealing with my students, even 7th period, rather than professional development. 
Every job has things that make you grit your teeth, space out, check out or just bring out feelings of loathing...professional development is mine. End rant. 

You know what I don't hate?
The weekend. And we've been having fun.

Last weekend we went to see Frank Turner at Mohawk. First, the set up at Mohawk is awesome! I love being able to stand up above the stage away from the crowds but still feel like I am super close. Makes sense right. Second, if you haven't heard of Frank Turner before go listen, now. You can thank me later. I know his style of music isn't for everyone but I adore him and he is pretty easy on the eyes. He put on probably one of the best shows I have seen in a long time. Frank Turner always looks like he is having the time of his life on stage and interacts with the crowd in a way that makes you forget how much you paid for concert tickets. This girl was happy.

It was too dark for pictures so I stuck to instagram video's: one and two which I didn't realize were super shaky until I watched them on the computer. Go me.

Last weekend we also had a birthday dinner for a friend, Sunday night happy hour can be a dangerous game depending on my self control, but fun was had and it was great seeing KT..aka the birthday girl. Adding to my to do list to see her more often. 

It was a unique mix of people, mostly people I didn't know and some people that I have known for 10 years. One of the really special things about Austin is how big it is but how small it can seem when people from your past are always popping up. I definitely have mixed feelings about running into my past acquaintances or remembering things I would rather not. 

But I had no mixed feelings about my first Moscow Mule, it was delicious and now I must purchase a proper cup and the supplies so the mister can keep me satisfied.

This weekend my sister came up so we could celebrate her birthday, a few days late, she turned 24 on Halloween and it was the first opportunity for us to spend time together since NYC...a tragedy really.

I threw the idea of going to a pumpkin patch and corn maze out there and she was on board, thank goodness...dragging her would of been rude. So we wondered through a corn maze shaped like Willie Nelson drinking beer, only in Texas. Climbed on hay bales and took silly pictures. But mostly just enjoyed each others company. Sign 100 I am a country girl at heart: nothing makes me happier than serious girl talk that happens outside with wonderful country views and a ice cold beer.

Bonus I was able to tick two things off my fall bucket list.

What's your favorite way to spend a fall weekend?

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