News Flash: It's Fall

Saturday night a wonderful cold front came blowing through Austin. I might have stood outside at one in the morning in my 'pajamas' just breathing in the amazing fresh air. Thank goodness we live in suburbia and our neighbors are asleep at that time. 

I have been looking forward to fall for months. And by looking forward I mean constantly complaining about the weather, asking the mister why we can't move to some place with real seasons and pinning away fall pins on the pinterest with fervor. Perhaps even keeping our house at frosty temperatures  layering on the blankets and wearing sweats. Sorry mister. but not.

What's odd about my love for fall is how sudden it all is. I always pegged myself for a summer girl: cut offs, bare feet, no bra and water and I pretty much call that heaven. I also only own two pair of jeans, begrudgingly might I add.

So I am embracing my new love of fall and trying to make a fall bucket list, considering fall lasts from around now until summer starts around March, I have plenty of time to complete a few of these tasks. 

And here a few of my favorite fall pins:

Pretty little liars

October 22nd: can't wait!

Anne and I would be great kindred spirits!


super easy Fall uniform = oversized tops/sweaters + leggings + high boots + slouchy bag + soft scarf

I plan on spending the next two months proving my theory that you can live solely on the things made with pumpkin.

What are you looking forward to most this fall?

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  1. Fall will only last for about five minutes in the Panhandle and then it will be 33 degrees and Winter. It's depressing. I do not like the cold...AT ALL! I really want some new boots...saw a pair that I fell in love with and then fell out of love when I saw they were $450.!

  2. I like your list! Very realistic, but you'll definitely have to put in the effort to get them all accomplished. I will add get a pumpkin spiced latte to my Fall List..! Aaand, it would be pretty cool to bake a pie. I don't think I've ever attempted to before. Oooh a coconut cream pie would be sooo good. But you don't really bake those... do you?

  3. I love all things fall which made our stay in the Sout extra hard last year. I love being back in Chi town to enjoy cooler weather, beautiful scenery, and all things pumpkin!