In Between

I have admitted time and time again that I have a obsession with horribly bad television, it's really sad sometimes how much I have allowed my television schedule to dictate my real schedule.

My junior year of high school I quit my weekly dance class because I was missing too many episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 and Dawson's Creek. 
Sad, but true story. 

Don't get me wrong I tried recording it on VHS tapes but my brother or sister always screwed it up when they wanted to watch TV rather than stare at the black blank screen, selfishness really.

Fast forward to present time and my biggest a concern when moving in with people is 'will we have conflicts on our dvr recording schedules'. For Erica and I, it was always like putting together a precious puzzle when trying to ensure all of our favorite shows were recorded. When I moved in with the mister I was even more concerned: we had our shows, his shows and my shows. What was a girl to do?

But I have come to a realization: I am stuck somewhere in between adult and young adult TV shows.

Its sort of like the feeling I get before I cross the threshold of Forever I too old to be here, will I share clothing with my students, these are cute clothes, I can actually afford these clothes...but wait am I too old to be here.

I used to puffy HEART the WB/CW television shows but it seems like all of my favorite shows have done big sappy series finales leaving me in tears and lacking in the girly TV show department.

My top WB/CW favorites:

What we have in its place:

Top Model, which I am not even sure how that show has made it this far...Tyra is just scary, weird, annoying...she might bother me for some reason.

SIX shows about Vampires or supernatural beings. I for one wasn't won over by the shiny people of Twilight and do not in fact need all of my TV shows to be supernatural in nature. Crazy, I know.

Carrie Diaries which is the younger sister of Sex in the City, I am sorry its just weird to watch the younger version of Sex in the about making me feel old.

That leaves Hart of Dixie which I do actually follow and find pretty entertaining.


Really how is a girl to live on ONE girly TV show a season. That number is just not acceptable.

Don't get my wrong I have plenty of shows I watch with the mister that I HEART but sometimes its nice to have those little guilty pleasures and unless they plan to air Pretty Little Liars nightly I need a couple more girly shows on my dvr box. STAT.

By the way I realize this whole post sounds like a whole lot of whining #firstworldproblems but after sitting through another night of baseball I realized I am lacking in the private TV time. Drastically.

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  1. Sunday night is Revenge and Betrayal. Tuesday is New Girl and PLL. Wednesday is Nasheville. I'm digging the new show, Mom, but it's only 30 minutes. I'll be happy when Dallas and Graceland come back on. That's about all I've got. You know I'm stuck in Teeny Bopper land and I like it there!

  2. I'm trying to come up with a good girly show I enjoy. My guilty pleasure is Top Model. Tyra is so weird, narcissistic, insane..all wrapped up in one, tall, beautiful package. I watch to make fun of her and the drama, but I just love the photo shoots.
    I loved Gilmore Girls.. I am also lacking girly tv shows.. I'm a big fan of New Girl and Parenthood..if you don't already watch those!