This weekend was centered around the World Series. 
If your new around here we are a Cardinal Nation household. End of story.

Wednesday night the Cardinals did not win, saying they l*** is some sort of big no no.

So Thursday night the mister enacted all of his superstitions, while I laid on the couch and worked on the blog, this was the mister:

Here is a list of all of his superstitions:

#1 2011 Game 7 rally towel

#2 Black jersey has been a consistent winner
#3 Tricolor hat instead of '11 BP hat that lost last night
#4 1967 World Series pin that I forgot last night
#6 Windows open like the '11 playoffs
#7 At the house like the '11 playoffs

That'll do.

I feel like I should be offended that I was left off the list considering I was also in the room and so was this blog. But his priorities slightly shift during this time of year.

Saturday night was basically a repeat of Thursday night. The mister in the same position. Fireball bottle resting at his feet. Windows open. Me sitting on the couch typing out blog posts. And of course the Cardinals pin was out on display.

Obviously the Cardinals won last night. Fingers crossed that these superstitions keep the Cardinals winning for the rest of the series and as a bonus a few extra blog posts go up this week.

 I might be seriously judging the mister for wearing the same jersey again without washing it or standing in the same spot for hours on end or downing fireball like its going out of style BUT I also have been known to have a few superstitions of my own.

This got me thinking about superstitions. 
We all have them whether we realize or acknowledge them or not, sometimes they are sports related, relationship related or just something to increase the chances of you having a good day. 

If I get a good nights sleep I think a certain pillow/blanket/sleep routine is good luck and try to repeat it the next night.

If I hear a certain song in the car on the way to work, I believe that I will have an amazing day at work.

But my favorite superstition is centered around clothes/shoes, if something good happens in an outfit then suddenly that outfit is good luck and on repeat like once a week.

When I was hired at the law firm, my first and only 'adult' interview I was wearing bright yellow high heels. Professional, not really, but the owner of the law firm often claimed that those high heels were the reason she hired me. So when it came time to start interviewing for teaching jobs, of course I pulled out the yellow heels and obviously I got the job. 

The heels have seen better days, that's what happens when you were them out downtown one too many times, and certainly should be thrown out but I just can't seem to part with the heels.

So the next time I am judging the mister for wearing the same pants seven days in a row I will keep in mind all of my little superstitions and hopefully learn to not take deep breaths around him during the World Series.

What superstitions do you have?

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  1. Glad you guys are enjoying the World Series. Should be a good final few games. Who knows maybe some day my team will be back in the world series but the way the White Sox are playing it could be a long long long time before that happens.

  2. I thought we were bloggy soul mates until...this post. I'm a Sox fan. Can we agree to disagree? My superstition is jewelry. I wear my thumb ring....always. I did stats and announced baseball games in high school. I learned my superstitious ways from the baseball team. Lol.

  3. My husband is the same way with The Toronto Maple Leafs.. (hockey).. They hadn't made the playoffs in YEARS and last year they finally made it. He is really intense with his superstitions.. I can't sing along to the American anthem (it's hard because it's pretty and I we can't say someone will lose or win, we have to back out of the room so that our backs are never to the t.v., if we say something that he thinks will jinx the team we have to say it backwards, he sits forward, clenching his fist the entire game. If the Leafs score and the volume is up loud, then the volume has to stay at that volume. I have to be sitting wherever I was sitting when they won last.. He's pretty intense. Last year when they were knocked out of the playoffs.. I was relieved. Good luck to you.. ! Oh, I mean.. you to luck good ;) (phew, that was a close one..)