I used to...But now I...

I have posted a few times how I often feel stuck in an odd age group: too young for the things I am still interested in and not ready for certain things that might be more age appropriate. Don't get me wrong I have zero interest in acting my age most of the time but sometimes it's hard to figure out exactly where I fit best. 

Case in point, Halloween. I feel like I am too old to dress up the way I am used to for Halloween but I don't have children to force into costumes, so what's a girl to do.

Halloween used to be a very big deal in my book. True story I was mad my little sister was born on Halloween because it caused us to miss trick or treating that year. But fast forward to the age of 18 and my real love of Halloween emerged in the form of drunken over priced slutty costumes. And while I might still be interested secretly amazon searching in the slutty costumes, the truth of the matter is my life just isn't at that stage anymore. 

I used to... start planning my costumes as early as September and easily would spend hours crafting away at night to make sure all the details were just perfect.

But now I... have a real job, a boyfriend, a blog and sometimes a life. Who has time to plan that far ahead for anything, much less spend that much time on one night? Not this girl.

I used to ...drop a pretty penny on a Halloween costume. I will sadly admit to spending over $100 on a strip of fabric from a lingerie store and calling it a costume.

But now I...actually worry about paying my bills and my credit card debt. Well, sometimes. And I certainly don't want to waste my pretty pennies on a costume that I will only wear one night. This girl has boots to lust after and a beauty room to decorate.

I used to... take off on Halloween and the day after Halloween...and maybe the day after that. There was no point of risking going into work when there was too much booze to be drank fun to be had.

But now I... need to be in bed by eleven and all drinks must be consumed before ten. I am not certain but I am pretty sure that asking for a substitute the day after Halloween with the excuse, hungover, probably isn't acceptable.

I used to...pick the classiest trashiest...alright lets just say it the sluttiest costumes possible. The more leg and cleavage the happier I was to drop my bill money on the costume. Did I mention I shopped at lingerie shops for costumes? 

And now just to prove this point I will share a few pictures from Halloween past. Beware - I long ago took ALL of these pictures down from the facebook, so consider yourself lucky I was willing to share...
judge away...or advert your eyes...

Sexy Pirate - The picture doesn't show it but I also was sporting knee high boots and more fake tattoos along my cleavage line. Pure class said the girl who purchased children tattoos to slut up a costume.

Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll - Hopefully my friends don't kill me for posting this picture but my costume was hard to explain without theirs. Yes, I wore a black corset and tutu out in public. Yes, I have condoms glued to my tutu. And yes, there is a condom in my hair. Pure trash, at least I threw away the condoms after I spent hours gluing them on.

Jessica Rabbit - I actually hate all of these pictures but in the interest of sharing my lovely timeline of costumes I am sharing and moving on. This was probably one of my more tame costumes, says the girl with the slit up to my hip.

Seven Deadly Sins - Envy - We didn't have all seven sins but three out of seven wasn't bad, or just a little odd. And yes, I had a fake tattoo on my boob, apparently that is some sort of trend I like. And yes, I actually paid to make this tattoo, I love wasting my pennies. And of course this dress barely covered my bum, I was envy wasn't I?

I hope you enjoyed this little stroll down memory lane. I have probably reread this post a billion times for fear of these pictures ever finding there way into my students hands...but its my blog and I will do what I want to.

I could be ashamed at the outrageous ways I went out in public but the truth is I enjoyed nearly everyone of these Halloweens and have the best memories. I might be too old to go back to shopping at lingerie shops for my Halloween costumes and I might not have kids to stuff in costumes and steal candy from but for now I have Hocus Pocus and wine to get myself through this Halloween and that makes me pretty happy for this stage in life.

Plus I was sex one year for Halloween and not many girls can admit that. Or would admit that and share pictures...

What was your most outrageous or scandalous costume?

Venus Trapped in Mars

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  1. i am stuck in that same phase too! it's so hard to be in between! i love your ocstumes from the past!

  2. I love all your past costumes! Extremely creative! I don't think I've ever been anything outrageous other than a clown...I hate clowns.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'