I have a quote similar to this posted in my classroom and I would definitely say that this week I am the bug. I hate weeks like this, I feel like I spend every minute questioning my career choices which just puts me further behind and overwhelms me even more. 

Bratty Annoying Students=30 Babbling Box=00...
aka my students lead me to drink too much.

I saw that Taylor was hosting a link up regarding her someday and thought perhaps it would lead me to start tomorrow with a bit more of a positive attitude/less of a hangover.

 The Daily Tay

Someday... I will stop comparing myself to others. 
Someday... I will not need new clothes to bring up my mood.
Someday... I will leave the United States. This girl doesn't even own a passport.
Someday... I will find a school that fits my personality..aka that I can actually be friends with my coworkers.
Someday... I will be a better friend and not choose sleep over chatting with a girlfriend.
Someday... I will actually complete a marathon. Yes this means I would actually have to regularly work out. 
Someday... I will stop judging people.
Someday... the mister and I will seal the deal. And I don't mean in the bedroom.
Someday... I will get my master's degree.
Someday... I will learn to go to sleep without melatomin or booze.
Someday... I will have a child. Just typing that sentence makes my heart race 100+ mph.
Someday... I will not need two hours to get ready to leave the house.
Someday... I will own my own piece of land/home.
Someday... I will watch the sun rise with someone I care about.
Someday... my siblings and I will all be close enough that we talk weekly and actually spend time together, besides Christmas.
Someday... I will be a better blogger and actually answer blog comments.
Someday... I will figure out how to not take two hours to post a blog post.
Someday... I will start acting like an adult and less like a child. Perhaps that is the problem I have in dealing with my bratty students this week...they don't like bratty teachers.

The list could really go on but that is my problem right now, I keep making lists but not really doing anything to start on my someday's. 

My life looks like this: get ready for work, work, come home, perhaps workout, maybe even eat an adult dinner, beverages on the couch and hopefully six hours of sleep. 

When exactly do you start working on your someday's?
Why does it feel like everyone else is moving forward in life but sometimes you are happy to just be treading water?

This post took a turn for the somber, which surprises me because generally Taylor's post leaving my laughing but sometimes a good cry has nothing on a good blog venting.

- The Babbling Box!


This weekend was centered around the World Series. 
If your new around here we are a Cardinal Nation household. End of story.

Wednesday night the Cardinals did not win, saying they l*** is some sort of big no no.

So Thursday night the mister enacted all of his superstitions, while I laid on the couch and worked on the blog, this was the mister:

Here is a list of all of his superstitions:

#1 2011 Game 7 rally towel

#2 Black jersey has been a consistent winner
#3 Tricolor hat instead of '11 BP hat that lost last night
#4 1967 World Series pin that I forgot last night
#6 Windows open like the '11 playoffs
#7 At the house like the '11 playoffs

That'll do.

I feel like I should be offended that I was left off the list considering I was also in the room and so was this blog. But his priorities slightly shift during this time of year.

Saturday night was basically a repeat of Thursday night. The mister in the same position. Fireball bottle resting at his feet. Windows open. Me sitting on the couch typing out blog posts. And of course the Cardinals pin was out on display.

Obviously the Cardinals won last night. Fingers crossed that these superstitions keep the Cardinals winning for the rest of the series and as a bonus a few extra blog posts go up this week.

 I might be seriously judging the mister for wearing the same jersey again without washing it or standing in the same spot for hours on end or downing fireball like its going out of style BUT I also have been known to have a few superstitions of my own.

This got me thinking about superstitions. 
We all have them whether we realize or acknowledge them or not, sometimes they are sports related, relationship related or just something to increase the chances of you having a good day. 

If I get a good nights sleep I think a certain pillow/blanket/sleep routine is good luck and try to repeat it the next night.

If I hear a certain song in the car on the way to work, I believe that I will have an amazing day at work.

But my favorite superstition is centered around clothes/shoes, if something good happens in an outfit then suddenly that outfit is good luck and on repeat like once a week.

When I was hired at the law firm, my first and only 'adult' interview I was wearing bright yellow high heels. Professional, not really, but the owner of the law firm often claimed that those high heels were the reason she hired me. So when it came time to start interviewing for teaching jobs, of course I pulled out the yellow heels and obviously I got the job. 

The heels have seen better days, that's what happens when you were them out downtown one too many times, and certainly should be thrown out but I just can't seem to part with the heels.

So the next time I am judging the mister for wearing the same pants seven days in a row I will keep in mind all of my little superstitions and hopefully learn to not take deep breaths around him during the World Series.

What superstitions do you have?

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I used to...But now I...

I have posted a few times how I often feel stuck in an odd age group: too young for the things I am still interested in and not ready for certain things that might be more age appropriate. Don't get me wrong I have zero interest in acting my age most of the time but sometimes it's hard to figure out exactly where I fit best. 

Case in point, Halloween. I feel like I am too old to dress up the way I am used to for Halloween but I don't have children to force into costumes, so what's a girl to do.

Halloween used to be a very big deal in my book. True story I was mad my little sister was born on Halloween because it caused us to miss trick or treating that year. But fast forward to the age of 18 and my real love of Halloween emerged in the form of drunken over priced slutty costumes. And while I might still be interested secretly amazon searching in the slutty costumes, the truth of the matter is my life just isn't at that stage anymore. 

I used to... start planning my costumes as early as September and easily would spend hours crafting away at night to make sure all the details were just perfect.

But now I... have a real job, a boyfriend, a blog and sometimes a life. Who has time to plan that far ahead for anything, much less spend that much time on one night? Not this girl.

I used to ...drop a pretty penny on a Halloween costume. I will sadly admit to spending over $100 on a strip of fabric from a lingerie store and calling it a costume.

But now I...actually worry about paying my bills and my credit card debt. Well, sometimes. And I certainly don't want to waste my pretty pennies on a costume that I will only wear one night. This girl has boots to lust after and a beauty room to decorate.

I used to... take off on Halloween and the day after Halloween...and maybe the day after that. There was no point of risking going into work when there was too much booze to be drank fun to be had.

But now I... need to be in bed by eleven and all drinks must be consumed before ten. I am not certain but I am pretty sure that asking for a substitute the day after Halloween with the excuse, hungover, probably isn't acceptable.

I used to...pick the classiest trashiest...alright lets just say it the sluttiest costumes possible. The more leg and cleavage the happier I was to drop my bill money on the costume. Did I mention I shopped at lingerie shops for costumes? 

And now just to prove this point I will share a few pictures from Halloween past. Beware - I long ago took ALL of these pictures down from the facebook, so consider yourself lucky I was willing to share...
judge away...or advert your eyes...

Sexy Pirate - The picture doesn't show it but I also was sporting knee high boots and more fake tattoos along my cleavage line. Pure class said the girl who purchased children tattoos to slut up a costume.

Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll - Hopefully my friends don't kill me for posting this picture but my costume was hard to explain without theirs. Yes, I wore a black corset and tutu out in public. Yes, I have condoms glued to my tutu. And yes, there is a condom in my hair. Pure trash, at least I threw away the condoms after I spent hours gluing them on.

Jessica Rabbit - I actually hate all of these pictures but in the interest of sharing my lovely timeline of costumes I am sharing and moving on. This was probably one of my more tame costumes, says the girl with the slit up to my hip.

Seven Deadly Sins - Envy - We didn't have all seven sins but three out of seven wasn't bad, or just a little odd. And yes, I had a fake tattoo on my boob, apparently that is some sort of trend I like. And yes, I actually paid to make this tattoo, I love wasting my pennies. And of course this dress barely covered my bum, I was envy wasn't I?

I hope you enjoyed this little stroll down memory lane. I have probably reread this post a billion times for fear of these pictures ever finding there way into my students hands...but its my blog and I will do what I want to.

I could be ashamed at the outrageous ways I went out in public but the truth is I enjoyed nearly everyone of these Halloweens and have the best memories. I might be too old to go back to shopping at lingerie shops for my Halloween costumes and I might not have kids to stuff in costumes and steal candy from but for now I have Hocus Pocus and wine to get myself through this Halloween and that makes me pretty happy for this stage in life.

Plus I was sex one year for Halloween and not many girls can admit that. Or would admit that and share pictures...

What was your most outrageous or scandalous costume?

Venus Trapped in Mars

- The Babbling Box!


Sometimes the weekend fly by in a blur and its Sunday night and I am not sure how I am even supposed to wrap my head around conquering another week. I swear if I wasn't a blogger I would never be able to tell you what happened over the weekend, cause I am sure you are all dying to know, or share pictures from my weekends.

One of the biggest reasons I hold onto blogging despite sometimes feeling too overwhelmed with life or underwhelmed...if my life is boring this blog is also that it is a wonderful way to capture snapshots of my life. Maybe you don't care what I did this weekend, although if you are reading this I assume you do, but I love being able to look back and see what I was doing a year ago or how I felt about my students or classroom. October must be a hard month for me, I only posted twice last year.

I can easily pull up pictures, stories and memories from the big moments in my life. Nerd alert, my flash drive is actually organized by events like birthdays, vacations and holidays.

Sometimes its hard to hold onto those day to day feelings of bliss when you are surrounded by life flying past you at 110 mph but I want to be able to remember the joy I had at 11 on a Friday night sipping margaritas at La Condesa with a old friend and catching up on life. The big moments are easy to remember but life is about the little snapshots along the way.
New baked eyeshadows, loving the pigmenty (its a word roll with it) colors.
Birthday presents and an old Christmas card from my bestie, only a few months late.
OOTD Friday night for drinks, only texted Erica three times with pictures.
Enjoying a night out with Amber at La Condesa.
Perhaps I ought to check the mail more often.
Amber started wearing lipstick, odd.
New package from Influenster, love getting free goodies in the mail!

Stumbled across this beauty at Target and knew I had to have it for my beauty room. Only texted my mom a few dozen times asking her opinions.
Phase two of the beauty room: mirrors, rug and seat. 
I have officially become re-obsessed with painting my nails each weekend and I HEART it.
It's fall so its time to throw pumpkin in everything - pumpkin bread. Yummy!
Phase three of the beauty room - its definitely starting to take shape now despite the misters resistance to hanging or moving things around.

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In Between

I have admitted time and time again that I have a obsession with horribly bad television, it's really sad sometimes how much I have allowed my television schedule to dictate my real schedule.

My junior year of high school I quit my weekly dance class because I was missing too many episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 and Dawson's Creek. 
Sad, but true story. 

Don't get me wrong I tried recording it on VHS tapes but my brother or sister always screwed it up when they wanted to watch TV rather than stare at the black blank screen, selfishness really.

Fast forward to present time and my biggest a concern when moving in with people is 'will we have conflicts on our dvr recording schedules'. For Erica and I, it was always like putting together a precious puzzle when trying to ensure all of our favorite shows were recorded. When I moved in with the mister I was even more concerned: we had our shows, his shows and my shows. What was a girl to do?

But I have come to a realization: I am stuck somewhere in between adult and young adult TV shows.

Its sort of like the feeling I get before I cross the threshold of Forever I too old to be here, will I share clothing with my students, these are cute clothes, I can actually afford these clothes...but wait am I too old to be here.

I used to puffy HEART the WB/CW television shows but it seems like all of my favorite shows have done big sappy series finales leaving me in tears and lacking in the girly TV show department.

My top WB/CW favorites:

What we have in its place:

Top Model, which I am not even sure how that show has made it this far...Tyra is just scary, weird, annoying...she might bother me for some reason.

SIX shows about Vampires or supernatural beings. I for one wasn't won over by the shiny people of Twilight and do not in fact need all of my TV shows to be supernatural in nature. Crazy, I know.

Carrie Diaries which is the younger sister of Sex in the City, I am sorry its just weird to watch the younger version of Sex in the about making me feel old.

That leaves Hart of Dixie which I do actually follow and find pretty entertaining.


Really how is a girl to live on ONE girly TV show a season. That number is just not acceptable.

Don't get my wrong I have plenty of shows I watch with the mister that I HEART but sometimes its nice to have those little guilty pleasures and unless they plan to air Pretty Little Liars nightly I need a couple more girly shows on my dvr box. STAT.

By the way I realize this whole post sounds like a whole lot of whining #firstworldproblems but after sitting through another night of baseball I realized I am lacking in the private TV time. Drastically.

Chantillysongs Blog hop

- The Babbling Box!

Idle Hands

The truth about me is I don't do relaxation well. I can easily sit on the couch for an hour or two playing candy crush and blog stalking but after hour two I get antsy and restless. It's like my body only knows 100 mph or sleep.

It drive the mister crazy that I can't just sit down and relax and not be doing something, making a to do list or cleaning. This also leads me down the path of spending money I don't have: bored go to Target, need something to do on a Sunday stop by Marshall's, watching TV why not multitask and do some online shopping. 

"idle hands are the devil's playthings"

Reason One. Drunkenness

Friday night the mister and I went to Bar 96 to watch the Cardinals play. I very excited about going out and having a few drinks with the mister. What I wasn't prepared for was the game to go on all night. By the sixth inning I was bored and everyone was too invested in the game for idle chit chat. I entertained myself taking pictures of random objects and playing candy crush.

When that no longer held my attention I turned to booze for entertainment. By the ninth inning I was drunk. By the eleventh inning I was ready to sleep in the car. The mister ended up having to take me home some where around the twelfth inning. Devil 1. Box 0.

Reason Two. Laziness.

Saturday I did my normal errands and house work while watching my Longhorns stomp OU's a**. The mister came home ready to watch game two of the Cardinals vs. Dodgers series and I learned my lesson from the night before and just decided to take a nap. Screw actually working out, blogging or any other worthwhile task. Devil 2. Box 0.

We also managed to go out Saturday night and meet up with some of the mister's old fraternity brothers, having learned my lesson the night before I was my usual tipsy self but there was no desire to sleep in the car so I consider it a win. Devil 2. Box 1.

Reason Three. Rash decisions.

Before going out Saturday night I decided I hated my bangs and needed a haircut stat. So I whacked away at my hair with my cheapo drug store scissors. I think it looks okay, my hair dresser will probably want to strangle me and I will probably regret my decision the next time I go to style my hair. Devil 3. Box 1.

My sister couldn't see the difference but a lot of hair was definitely in the trash can.

Reason Four. Spending money I don't have.

Sunday as I was recuperating from two nights of trying to kill my liver I did what any other good blogger does: waste hours on social media.

This amazing use of my time lead me to find this beauty youtube channel. She is super cute and I really enjoyed watching her makeup video's. Suddenly I was a makeup guru and needed all of her cool tools and products, like today.

Which lead me to impulse buy this eyeshadow set:

Galaxy Chic Baked Eyeshadow Palette

Devil 4. Box 1.

Reason Five. Rearranging the House.

My new makeup obsession lead me to texting the mister this: "would you be opposed or impartial to me turning the office into my beauty room?"

He seemed confused but okay with the plan. I might have jumped up and down but what girl doesn't dream of having a whole room just to get ready in, I know what your thinking that is what a bathroom is for but you gotta start dreaming bigger.

The before pictures...mostly just a junk room with a desk:

My favorite part of the room...aka my Monday Made It...I used push pins to hang all of necklaces in order to create free wall art, keep them untangled and remind myself what I actually have. The mister died a little inside at the number of holes but I love it.

The room is still a work in progress: I need to buy a big mirror, add a few candles and girly up some of the accessories BUT I am pretty much over the moon so far. Devil 3. Box 2.

Sometimes my idleness will lead to wonderful discovers like my new dressing room and other times it just leads to the mister having to apologize to bouncers, it keeps my weekends interesting.

Anyone out there with some cheap suggestions for what else the dressing room needs?

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News Flash: It's Fall

Saturday night a wonderful cold front came blowing through Austin. I might have stood outside at one in the morning in my 'pajamas' just breathing in the amazing fresh air. Thank goodness we live in suburbia and our neighbors are asleep at that time. 

I have been looking forward to fall for months. And by looking forward I mean constantly complaining about the weather, asking the mister why we can't move to some place with real seasons and pinning away fall pins on the pinterest with fervor. Perhaps even keeping our house at frosty temperatures  layering on the blankets and wearing sweats. Sorry mister. but not.

What's odd about my love for fall is how sudden it all is. I always pegged myself for a summer girl: cut offs, bare feet, no bra and water and I pretty much call that heaven. I also only own two pair of jeans, begrudgingly might I add.

So I am embracing my new love of fall and trying to make a fall bucket list, considering fall lasts from around now until summer starts around March, I have plenty of time to complete a few of these tasks. 

And here a few of my favorite fall pins:

Pretty little liars

October 22nd: can't wait!

Anne and I would be great kindred spirits!


super easy Fall uniform = oversized tops/sweaters + leggings + high boots + slouchy bag + soft scarf

I plan on spending the next two months proving my theory that you can live solely on the things made with pumpkin.

What are you looking forward to most this fall?

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