Sometimes the weekend fly by in a blur and its Sunday night and I am not sure how I am even supposed to wrap my head around conquering another week. I swear if I wasn't a blogger I would never be able to tell you what happened over the weekend, cause I am sure you are all dying to know, or share pictures from my weekends.

One of the biggest reasons I hold onto blogging despite sometimes feeling too overwhelmed with life or underwhelmed...if my life is boring this blog is also that it is a wonderful way to capture snapshots of my life. Maybe you don't care what I did this weekend, although if you are reading this I assume you do, but I love being able to look back and see what I was doing a year ago or how I felt about my students or classroom. October must be a hard month for me, I only posted twice last year.

I can easily pull up pictures, stories and memories from the big moments in my life. Nerd alert, my flash drive is actually organized by events like birthdays, vacations and holidays.

Sometimes its hard to hold onto those day to day feelings of bliss when you are surrounded by life flying past you at 110 mph but I want to be able to remember the joy I had at 11 on a Friday night sipping margaritas at La Condesa with a old friend and catching up on life. The big moments are easy to remember but life is about the little snapshots along the way.
New baked eyeshadows, loving the pigmenty (its a word roll with it) colors.
Birthday presents and an old Christmas card from my bestie, only a few months late.
OOTD Friday night for drinks, only texted Erica three times with pictures.
Enjoying a night out with Amber at La Condesa.
Perhaps I ought to check the mail more often.
Amber started wearing lipstick, odd.
New package from Influenster, love getting free goodies in the mail!

Stumbled across this beauty at Target and knew I had to have it for my beauty room. Only texted my mom a few dozen times asking her opinions.
Phase two of the beauty room: mirrors, rug and seat. 
I have officially become re-obsessed with painting my nails each weekend and I HEART it.
It's fall so its time to throw pumpkin in everything - pumpkin bread. Yummy!
Phase three of the beauty room - its definitely starting to take shape now despite the misters resistance to hanging or moving things around.

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  1. Oh yeah, the make up room really is coming together..! Lookin' great. I love having a reserved, comfortable place to get ready in. It makes the mundane morning routine a little more interesting.

  2. I wrote a whole reply and it DISAPPEARED! Love the dressing/make-up room and the rug! I'm glad you take snapshots of your weekend and life...all the better for me to blog stalk you my pretty. Lol! My thumbdrive borders on the line of obsessive organized. Should I be worried about myself? Your nails look beautimous. I am NEVER getting gel put on my nails again. They look AWFUL since I got bored and peeled all the paint off. I should be ashamed of myself.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'