I have a quote similar to this posted in my classroom and I would definitely say that this week I am the bug. I hate weeks like this, I feel like I spend every minute questioning my career choices which just puts me further behind and overwhelms me even more. 

Bratty Annoying Students=30 Babbling Box=00...
aka my students lead me to drink too much.

I saw that Taylor was hosting a link up regarding her someday and thought perhaps it would lead me to start tomorrow with a bit more of a positive attitude/less of a hangover.

 The Daily Tay

Someday... I will stop comparing myself to others. 
Someday... I will not need new clothes to bring up my mood.
Someday... I will leave the United States. This girl doesn't even own a passport.
Someday... I will find a school that fits my personality..aka that I can actually be friends with my coworkers.
Someday... I will be a better friend and not choose sleep over chatting with a girlfriend.
Someday... I will actually complete a marathon. Yes this means I would actually have to regularly work out. 
Someday... I will stop judging people.
Someday... the mister and I will seal the deal. And I don't mean in the bedroom.
Someday... I will get my master's degree.
Someday... I will learn to go to sleep without melatomin or booze.
Someday... I will have a child. Just typing that sentence makes my heart race 100+ mph.
Someday... I will not need two hours to get ready to leave the house.
Someday... I will own my own piece of land/home.
Someday... I will watch the sun rise with someone I care about.
Someday... my siblings and I will all be close enough that we talk weekly and actually spend time together, besides Christmas.
Someday... I will be a better blogger and actually answer blog comments.
Someday... I will figure out how to not take two hours to post a blog post.
Someday... I will start acting like an adult and less like a child. Perhaps that is the problem I have in dealing with my bratty students this week...they don't like bratty teachers.

The list could really go on but that is my problem right now, I keep making lists but not really doing anything to start on my someday's. 

My life looks like this: get ready for work, work, come home, perhaps workout, maybe even eat an adult dinner, beverages on the couch and hopefully six hours of sleep. 

When exactly do you start working on your someday's?
Why does it feel like everyone else is moving forward in life but sometimes you are happy to just be treading water?

This post took a turn for the somber, which surprises me because generally Taylor's post leaving my laughing but sometimes a good cry has nothing on a good blog venting.

- The Babbling Box!


    Some day somebody's gonna make you want to
    Turn around and say goodbye
    Until then baby are you going to let them
    Hold you down and make you cry
    Don't you know?
    Don't you know things can change
    Things'll go your way
    If you hold on for one more day
    Can you hold on for one more day
    Things'll go your way
    Hold on for one more day

  2. Alison, we must be friends, because I am laughing! :)
    I like the windshield-bug quote. I think being a teacher would be a really hard job. You're doing your best, I can see that from your blog. Just keep at it and Someday you'll get through all of your list..

    Sorry about your loss yesterday. Your husband must have been crushed. :(

  3. My boyfriend and I were just talking about the monotony in our weekday routine. It's so hard to feel like you're doing anything productive in life when all you do is work and sleep. But.. that's what responsible adults do, right? As much as we want children, I think about how impossible it seems to squeeze "raising well-adjusted children" into that schedule. I guess this is why all my mommy friends never sleep!