Currently: November

Friday marked the first day of November and a lovely change in weather temperatures around these parts, meaning I was able to go out in a short skirt, boots and knee socks last night. I call that a win.

And while I should be tackling my ever growing to do lists before a birthday dinner tonight, yes I have multiple lists, instead I am blogging. It's not like the dirt, grades and ironing will be going anywhere. Though a girl can hope.

What better way to avoid house cleaning and stay curled up on the couch just a little bit longer than to link up with Farley for this month's currently. This is basically the meca of blog stalking, so perhaps my hair wont be washed before going out. Oh well. 

Listening:  There is nothing better than getting lost in some country music when you have a lot on your mind. Perhaps it's a southern thing, but my weekend mornings are generally filled with country music whether it's CMT's Top 20 or pandora on my phone. 

Loving:  The high today is in the 60's, the low tonight is in the 40's. I am in heaven. I have so many fall outfits planned that include boots, knee socks, scarves and leggings so if the Texas weather gods could keep this weather around for a bit I would appreciate it. I despise wearing shorts on Thanksgiving, m'kay!

Thinking:  The mister and I had a late night talk last night that got me thinking about future stuff, my inability to take criticism and my melancholy post about my somedays. Perhaps it will all end up in a blog post or perhaps I will find the perfect country song to explain my feelings, weirder things have happened.

Wanting:  As a teacher I feel greedy even saying this but all I really want is a week off during the fall that is not surrounded by holidays. Holiday's are stressful and are filled with hours of driving around, rushing to complete tasks and very little relaxation time, says the child of divorced parents. I would just like a week to do a big fall clean, take my car to the shop, bake and perhaps even go to the doctor's. Grown up problems.

Needing:  This is sort of related to my wanting, but I know the holidays are going to fly by so I need to start preparing my Christmas present lists. The mister's birthday is the week before Christmas, and he is turning the big 30 so that requires planning. Stupid me for always going above and beyond in the past. And I have no money to buy real presents for my family so I need to figure out something to make. Last year I gave my family a cute Christmas card with the mister and I's picture on it, so past repeating that I am drawing a blank. Enter pinterest.

A Yummy Pin: I am not a girl who likes sweets, but savory chili's and soups pretty much scream fall to me. I generally combine a bunch of recipes to get the flavors we like, spicier the better, here are a few pins that looked yummy:

Pulled Pork Chili - @Cassandra Kormendy since we discussed roasting a entire pig, why not do some chili for a after dinner munch around the fire. Perfect for a october wedding night!  Jalapeno Popper Chicken Chili ~  Simple & Delicious Texas Chili  

- The Babbling Box!


  1. Oh, those look like some yummy recipes! I, too, need to start thinking about Christmas presents... it stresses me out every year. I'd echo your sentiments about another week off before holiday season, but I think every non-teacher would kill me for saying so! :)

  2. I'd like to have a week off too! Some colleges have fall break (mine never did!) where they get a week off that isn't around a holiday. We teachers are so bombarded with so many things. It seems like the work never stops! I'm right there with ya!

    Buzzing With Mrs. McClain

  3. Those recipes look yummy =)
    The work never stops, and having time to get everything done I need to, yes a week off would be amazing!

  4. You need to make my sequined ball ornaments for Christmas presents( Seriously...they are super easy and you will get a lot of TV time accomplished. I make everyone in mine and Jerm's family one every year. It's the thought that counts. I totally agree about a break. I fly out to California during Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks. As much as I love being at my parents'...the traveling wears me out. I literally stay in my pajamas and on the couch the whole time I am there, just so I can decompress.