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If you haven't seen me mention it a few times, this weekend was my 28th birthday, and it was pretty freaking awesome.  

I have seen bloggers do a post dedicated to setting goals for the new year or talking about what they learned and thought I would jump on that bandwagon. Plus for some reason I ended up taking a gazillion pictures of just me this weekend (other people really did come to my birthday dinner I promise) and I need a place to share them. Bloggers are nothing if not a bit egotistical, right?!? I mean where else can you go to write about yourself, share pictures of yourself and hope people make comments about what you wrote about yourself. 

So I present to you:

The 27 Things I Have Learned About Myself in 27 Years
I think I need a better title...

1.  I am addicted to shopping and have no shame or conscious when it comes to my credit card balances.

2.  I will always think I need a new outfit for an 'occasion' whether the occasion is a birthday or just a day ending in y it doesn't matter to me.

3.  I will never get sick of booze: hot, cold, beer, wine, martini's it don't matter to me.

Cold beer Monday night at the express game.
Saki Bombs Thursday to celebrate the end of the school year.
4.  I have no tolerance, this girl will get drunk off two drinks no matter what.

My new words to live by!
5.  I will never be the rough outdoorsy type.

Saturday at McKinney Falls, I always choose smart footwear.

6.  I have ridiculously bad taste in movies and television shows.

Part of my birthday present from Mr. B!
7.  Showering everyday is overrated.

8.  It is perfectly acceptable to take 4 hours to get ready to go out.

9. Target is my mecca.

10. I don't get embarrassed easily.

After birthday drinks. 
11. I spill things. I am straight up clumsy sometimes

Wine tumblers Mr. B got me so I stop spilling drinks.
12. Smirnoff Ice is cheaper than water but not always the right call.

Round Rock game Monday night.
13. Baseball games make me happy, actually any sporting event does. 

14. Sleep comes easily to me, doesn't matter the time or place. My favorite is backseats of cars.

15. I am a horrible driver and hate driving. If I could get a chauffeur that would be pretty rad.

16. I use horrible terms like: rad, shucks, rats, bomb diggity, yolo, gosh darn it...sometimes I want to be 'cool' and copy my twelve year olds and other times I am an 80 year old grandma.

17. I come with 'things.'
School: purse, gym bag, school bag, lunch bag.
Watching TV in Mr. B's room: three pillows, one blanket, two drinks, phone, chap-stick...

My new pillow from Mr. B, this eliminates three pillows so he is pretty happy with himself.
18. A hangover can now knock me on my butt for two plus days.

19. My sister is one of my best friends, and super AMAZballs.

20. I will never be able to find a thing to wear in my closet.

21. My house is never clean enough for me.

22. I have an unhealthy addiction to do lists.

23. I always need a 'project' or I get bored and go shopping.

24. I will never be a technology expert, despite teaching technology.

25. I get along better with twelve year olds than adults, most of the time.

26. I am completely awkward in most situations.

27. I HEART, love, am completely crazy about Mr. B.

I really had to stop myself, apparently I really like babbling about myself...go figure.
I hope everyone had as amazing of a weekend as I did! 
I am working 9-3 this week which is pretty freaking awesome so hopefully I will be around a whole lot more.

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  1. Target is definitely a mecca! Looks like you had a great weekend! Happy birthday. Stopping by from the blog hop!