Say What

Last week during curriculum writing I was paired up with another teacher and she did not know what pinterest was, I felt slightly bad because I am sure my face looked like that and she was already stressed out enough teaching a prep she knew nothing about.

But don't you fret one bit, I turned that situation around quickly. She now is connected to pinterest and pinnning away, another one saved.

For me pinterest is exactly how my brain works: 

"hey lets cook a healthy snack
oh no we should totally reorganize the hall closet
nope lets go ahead and turn plates into chalk boards
but wait lets plan out my non existent wedding
Oh I should totally make that for my classroom
But there is this really awesome dessert recipe
Nope I should try out that new work out!"

I will give you a second to recollect yourself, I am sure peeking into my brain is scary.

Regardless I HEART pinterest so much I plan to use it as semester long project in one of my classes this year, kind of like a living journal of all of our projects. 
I just finalized the rubric today during curriculum writing hopefully I will share Friday.

So I couldn't resist linking up with a few pinterest link ups today.

Neat ways to let Administration and students know what is going on in the classroom.


New ways to spruce up my classroom management rewards!


Take one letter away every time the room gets to loud, when you get to NO there is no talking aloud.


Teaching students to assess themselves or wrap up their thoughts.


Really great lesson on how to treat each other and a script for that dreaded phone call home.


Too funny, but I plan to use it to teach good group work skills.

Since I was already talking about pinterest, not that I need an excuse, I also decided to do a few non-teacher ones and link up with:

Would love to do this to our night stands.
Amazing wedding center pieces for that wedding I am not planning.

Love this outfit and color combo, perfect for work or fun!
HEART this bathing suit!

How I always wish my bedroom would look but it always comes up lacking.
Cute outfit, must put on back to school shopping list.

And I just couldn't resist...

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

- The Babbling Box!


  1. So, your post had me laughing out loud... the Team Work meme is RIGHT on, and I love the "Hey Girl" :)

    First Grade Fairytales

  2. Hi! Love your blog name and post! I found your blog thru AShley Reed's linky this week and glad I did! I, too, like you pin away on Pinterest with all the best intentions and then get sidetracked from one thing to another which is why my boards are probably a hot mess! It's like I have Pinterest ADD-- it's bad! Anyway, I'm your newest follower! :-)

    First Grade and Flip Flops