I Don't Go To Meetings

So I am about to lay some truths on you which might lead you to think that Mr. B and I are alcoholics. And I assure we are not.

We just HEART us some Fireball more than the average person.
We have been drinking Fireball for over two years so we are no bandwagon fans either.

We always have a handle in the fridge...or two.

I pout when we are out of Fireball at the house.

We get mad when a bar doesn't carry Fireball.
I don't always drink Rumple but when I do its because you disappointed me.

We take pictures of Fireball shots over our friends.
Nicole was in from New York, you kind of see her fuzzy white jacket in the background.

We scour cities looking for Fireball.
One more shot before we said goodbye to Dallas.

We bring it with us on road trips and vacations.
Just in case it isn't sold in that city, always gotta be prepared.

Some people go out on Friday nights.
We stay in with our bottle of Fireball, and take really pretty pictures.

I get excited when other states have Fireball.
I document proof for Mr. B.

We celebrate with Fireball.
Doesn't matter the occasion: birthdays, sporting events, Cinco De Mayo or just days ending in y.

Some people take pictures together at the beach.
We take pictures of us with Fireball near the beach.


Generally Fireball leads us taking pictures like this:  

But no matter the degree of hangover or stupid pictures, you can NEVER say that a good time wasn't had when you have Fireball around....off to sneak a sip of that cinnamon flavor goodness!

- The Babbling Box!

p.s. I promise we don't need to start attending meetings, we are professionals!

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