Slumber Parties Are The Pits

I am about to let you in on something shocking, 
I am not, never have been, a normal girl.

I am sure you are blown away by this statement but its true. 
I am missing certain 'girl' genes that make you like things like weddings, bridal showers or 

As a very awkward teenage my worst fear was getting invited to slumber parties or not getting invited to slumber parties.
Makes sense right?!?
You never wanted to be the girl who didn't get invited to the slumber party, it meant you were a social parana.
 So every time a friend had a birthday my happy butt was packed and ready to get the torture over with.
 And of course when my birthday came around the only solution was to throw a slumber party. 

T.V. shows make slumber parties look awesome and like the time of your life.

But the reality is: SLUMBER PARTIES ARE THE PITS and here's why.

Your sleeping on the floor of some girls bedroom with 5-10 of her closest friends. 
You have your own perfectly good bed that doesn't smell like 10+ teenage girls why exactly is this fun?!?

I have got the rocking butterfly t-shirt and umbro shorts.

There are always games of some sort.
Let's see who can shove the most marshmallows in their mouth at a time, 
cause that sounds like a blast.

Girls can be are mean.
Chances are when you start mixing groups of friends 
someone will get made fun of, 
have their feelings hurt or 
spend the entire night crying in the bathroom. 

Three comments about this photo:
one - I was like a head taller than everyone in junior high
two - holy cow overalls
three - the girl on the end looks so annoyed to even be with us

You always wear the wrong thing.
I mentioned girls are mean right?!? 
So let's go ahead and let them see what you wear to sleep in at night. 
Or better yet give them full access to your under garments. 

Once a girls bra got put in the freezer...for the dad to find it the next morning talk about scaring a girl for life.

You NEVER wanted to be the first person to fall asleep.
You would wake up with toothpaste covering your face or your bra in the freezer.

Horror flicks.
No one ever wanted to watch Sixteen Candles or The Breakfast Club, 
it was always Jason or Chucky. 

Great I am already not getting any sleep tonight on the floor of your bedroom with someone's feet in my face but now I get to have nightmares when I close my eyes. 
Fantastic party, I am having a blast.
Not the picture of happiness!

I really could go on and on but then you might think I never enjoyed any of my birthdays, which is completely not true. 
The years between 10-14 were just an awkward pile filled with forced fun at slumber parties...
its rough being a teenager.

Do you have any additional reasons why SLUMBER PARTIES ARE THE PITS to share, I would love to hear them?


-The Babbling Box!

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