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Last week I linked up with The Life of Bon for her summer Throwback Thursday and talked all about sixteen year old me behind the wheel of a car...shudder. 

I am not going to lie I have been waiting all week for this week's topic:
Elementary School Crushes. 
First of all I love having topics to organize my thoughts around. 
Second I love being able to tear apart my office look for old pictures and letters. 
And most importantly I have some really good pictures and letters for this particular topic.

Up until about six years ago...give or take a few years...I was a very fickle girl who changed my crushes as often as some people change their underwear. My fickle or 'player' ways started back in the fourth grade...don't believe me just read on.

My first crush was Justin G. 
He was popular, cute and of course lived in my neighborhood. 
The perfect combination for elementary romance.


We always suspected that his Mom wrote this letter because for a fourth grader his handwriting was awfully neat.

But one crush just wasn't enough for this 4th grader, I was also crushing on Justin T.
Our parents were friends.
He was cute and we played together a lot. Even had a sleepover once...OUTRAGEOUS!
And he also lived in my neighborhood.
Someone should have taught me earlier that whole saying 'don't shit where you eat.'

He was also a year older than me...scandalous!

But my player ways eventually caught up with me.

Thankfully Justin T. moved away from our neighborhood so I was no longer the Hester Prynne of my neighborhood. 
I was only a one man girl through the rest of 4th and 5th grade.

Then the dreaded middle school years happened and Justin G. disappeared quicker than...well...a horny boy.

Next up we have Paul...surprisingly not a Justin!

We met at my grandparents wedding. 
Danced to John Michael Montgomery's 'I Can Love You Like That,' which I then made my mom buy me the CD of
It was love at first sight. 
Only problem was he lived in San Antonio. 
So three letters and a few phone calls and we never spoke again. 
Young love is always so tragic.

But good ole Justin T. moved back around that time and mended my broken heart.
He was always around for the important things like Birthdays and Homecoming dances.


Eventually he moved again, sigh nothing good could ever last long.

The rest of my middle school years were pretty awkward and boyless...
somehow I managed. 
And boy was I glad my player ways were a thing of the past.

I really did speak too soon...
ninth grade was filled with two different Justin's, 
a Britt, 
a repeat of one of the Justin's. 
So you can only image all of the drama there.

Fast forward to the present and I haven't spoken to most of these boys since then, some are still around on the facebook, some are married and some well...who knows what happened. 

Looking back on all my boy 'drama' reminds me of all of the 'drama' my students create for themselves on a daily, weekly and period by period basis. I am saddened that this generation of kids won't have disposable cameras to snap pictures of for scrapbooks and boys writing them heartfelt letters to cherish 15 years from now. 

While I always thought my mom was crazy for keeping these letters in my scrapbooks now I am so glad she did. 

How is a mom supposed to keep a facebook message or instagram picture in a scrapbook?!? 
First world problems.

And in dedication of my students:


- The Babbling Box!

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  1. Oh wow--two Justins at once, what a scandal!!