It's Been...

It's been a stressful week so I have taken some time off life/posting/working out/eating right. Honestly Mr. B is lucky I managed to shower three of the four school nights this week.

I am about to lay a bunch of honesty on you and I have no pictures to entertain you, my apologies in advance.

It's been...

Thirty two days since I last went shopping.

Fourteen days since I made a comment on a fellow bloggers post.

Eight days since I went to the gym.

Four days since my last blog post.

One day since I last cried/ ate french fries.

Zero days since I left work and didn't feel the need to start on the hard stuff.

For some reason this last week combined with my three day weekend has taken all of the motivation, patience and kindness and thrown it out the window.

Last Friday I reached my 30 mile marker for May and decided that I was done and haven't been back to the gym. Mostly due to being so stressed out with my rapidly growing to do lists and partly due to lack of motivation. 
On the positive side, I did accomplish my 30 miles in 30 days goal. 

I remember being stressed out dealing with all of the administrative bullshit to do's last year but I seriously feel like they doubled them this year and just used a smaller font on our checklist to fit it on one page. We need to gather 30+ signatures by the end of Thursday before we are cleared for summer. And even if those items don't pertain to us we still need to get signatures. Oh and we are also expected to be teaching fully Monday and Tuesday with word walls up and objectives posted, so we can't start cleaning our rooms early. 
And we are being checked on regularly, last Friday three administrators came through my room. 
Sigh, are other schools this un-trusting of their staff or is it just mine?!? 
 On the positive side of my rant, only three days of students left.

Of course my car picked this week to fail so both Tuesday and Wednesday after school I had to deal with the service department and rental car places so both days I left school without a single signature or item checked off my to do list. 
On the positive side of my rant, it was all covered by my warranty so I didn't have to pay for anything.

Yesterday I was trying to pull the Harlem Shake Robot video off of my ipad and post it on the class website. It was so darn cute and I was so excited to share it. The ipad is not my friend though and it would not let me retrieve it, the advice I received was to update my ios. So I did and that just deleted my video. The ONLY proof that my 8th period class was hands down my favorite class of my teaching career, was GONE. I did what any sane person does before her class is about to start, cried. On the positive side I only see them for 48 minutes on Monday so hopefully they will never know how technology inept I can be.

So today I am probably going to break out my lovely pink credit card and go to Target and make myself a little happier. My birthday is next Sunday and I need a new swimsuit and dress. A girl has gotta look cute, budget be damned. 
And on the positive side, hopefully trying on swimsuits will motivate me to get back in the gym and stop eating so much crap because I am too tired too cook.

And HOPEFULLY you will start seeing my being a bit more social around the blogging world and maybe even posting a darn picture or two with my posts. If you have commented, I am not ignoring you I promise, just give me a little time.

- The Babbling Box!

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