I HEART 3 Day Weekends!

I mean really who doesn't?!? 
Three days to sleep in, check. 
Three days to stay up late drinking adult beverages, check.
Tons of Mr. B time, check.
Oh and let's not forget tomorrow is already Wednesday. 
This week is nearly half way over...ever the optimist.

Mr. B and I actually had both Sunday and Monday off together, while most people might not find this groundbreaking, I do believe we have not had two days off together since we went to Denver January of 2011. 

Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it, there were not huge orgies and pantless riots in the streets BUT we did manage to have a pretty awesome weekend.

I Cooked!

Seriously if you have a store that sells the shrimp you should drop everything you are doing and go buy them ASAP. They are AMAzing!!! I tried to healthy it up with some lime jalapeno soaked kale and avocado. 
But I might have eaten three of them they were so yummy. 

Saturday night we also watched Django Unchained and enjoyed a few adult beverages, the company was lovely (of course) and the movie was pretty hilarious. 

We Golfed!

Sunday we went with another couple up to TopGolf and swung at a few golf balls. It was on the pricey side but a ton of fun and their food was delicious which was unexpected. And YES that is a beef jerky straw you see in my Bloody Mary. #YOLO

We Got Sun Burnt!

Monday we headed out for the lake for our very first boating trip of the season. We are super lucky to have friends that have a boat and are willing to cart us around sometimes. This year they have twin girls, pictured above so there was a little less boating and a lot more hanging out on the shore but seriously who can complain: great view + good friends + cold beers = bliss. 

I am ridiculously sun burnt and was welcomed back to work to a classroom with no AC which was sort of like a small piece of hell on earth BUT I wouldn't trade this weekends festivities for any amount of extra sleep or pale skin.

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