Stuck Somewhere

Some days I feel like I am stuck somewhere between a woman and a child.

And no I am not talking about Deana Carter's song 'Strawberry Wine' 

I wonder whatever happened to her...

I tend to get distracted easily...which leads me to following too many amazing blogs about a gazillion different topics. On so many of these blogs there are INCREDIBLE fashion inspirations, clothing suggestions and photo's, that make me SUPER jealous.

STYLELIXIR Style Sessions  Black.White.Color  

Not high school catty jealous but I want to be their best friend, share their closet and braid hair with them jealous.  That's what girls do right?!?

I am DEFINITELY not a fashion blogger, at best I am a girl who likes shopping and takes random pictures in my living room. 

And every Wednesday when I see all of the fashion link ups I think to myself, 'self you should totally partake' then I compare my pictures to those in the link ups and talk myself right back out of it.

I have extremely odd tendencies, as I am sure you might have learned already from reading this blog.

 One of those being dressing myself. 
If anyone wants to take over this duty I would totally pass on those reins.  

I have this weird rule idea head issue that I can't allow myself to wear my work clothes during my personal life.  As if I have the finances to purchase two wardrobes...have I mentioned I am a teacher.

During work time I have to dress so 'respectable.' 
I do spend all day around middle school boys so I try to prevent as many sexual comments as possible. I get plenty of compliments from my students about my outfits, some of my favorites being 'damn Misss you look good todayyyy' or 'Miss you going on a date later?'
 But really these compliments feed my thoughts that some days I might dress like a child. 

Gray Dress - Target
Coral Sweater - Target
Black Belt - Target
Black Heels - Dr. Scholls
Dress - Victoria Secret
Sweater - Target
Shoes - Reefs

After work time I dress a little less respectable...or a lot depending on your standards.
I like short shorts...very short.  Flip Flops. Sheer shirts.  Not washing my hair for a few days.  Very low cut shirts.  Not wearing a bra.  And generally just not caring.  Although sadly I must admit not caring tends to take a good 30+  90+ minutes to plan. I be CRAZY like that.

Example: Sheer shirt, short shorts and bra visible.

So my best photo shoot time is when I am off to work, at 6:45 a.m.
Mr. B is generally asleep so unless I ask one of my students to take my picture at work, which would probably lead to some sort of investigation, I am stuck using a self timer in my glamorous yellow lite living room. I get some really incredible pictures let me tell you!

Denim Shirt - Forever 21
Belt - Target
Hi-Low Shirt - Target
Shoes - Reefs
The I am sitting in traffic and want to photograph my necklace face.

I know the key is to stop comparing myself to the way others dress because all it does is ruin my experience.


For example, at The Lumineers concert I dressed super casual. I wore short shorts, a top from Forever 21 that had no back at all. Tennis shoes from Old Navy. Leaving the house I thought I looked cute and casual. But once I arrived at the concert all I did was compare myself to everyone who was dressed VERY 'cute' thus ruining my evening out.

Less than flattering picture.

I think being 'truly' fashionable is about being comfortable in your own skin and finding a style which works for you. But most days I still feel like that awkward teenager that is so unsure of their body and how to dress. Some days I feel like I dress like an adult and some days I feel like I dress like an overgrown child. Perhaps that is my style, but hopefully I start to feel more comfortable and confident in my own skin...I am approaching 30 and all.

Anyone who has some advice or tips for taking better photos or sprucing up my everyday fashion I would love to hear them!

I will be working on the confidence issue ... perhaps I will put it on a to do list.

- The Babbling Box!

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  1. Girl! Your clothes are super cute!! Especially the gray dress and the coral cardigan!! I would totally be your stylist and def never worry about if your pictures are "good enough"....I'm def someone who doesn't have a fancy camera and idk how to photoshop! You should always post/link.