You Might Be Addicted...

Hello there...
my name is The Box and I am addicted to making to do lists 
& you might be too if you do any of the following. 
Admitting your crazy is the first step right...?!?

One. You make multiple lists on a weekly/daily/monthly basis. 
I have a weekly work to do list, divided out into days. A weekly personal list. A weekend list. A shopping list. A budget list. A gym list. A blog list. I am probably missing a few.

Two. You get immense JOY from checking, crossing or highlighting items off your to do list.
I use different colors for different lists...don't even get my started on my addiction to color coding, would need a whole another blog post.

Three. You check your to do list hourly daily weekly in hopes that you have magically done an item and can check it off.

Four. You add updating your to do list to your to do list. 
Every Friday I sit down and plan out my new week on my school calendar and then update my phone list for my weekend to do's. 
Then cross update calendar off my to do makes me feel successful...makes sense right?!?

Five. When asked 'what you are going to do this weekend?' you open up your to do list and read it all off, in order of importance.
This perhaps is why Mr. B stopped asking me what I was going to do each weekend.

Six. You include the smallest details on your to do list. Both to feel accomplished when you complete them and so you don't forget. 
Some people can go through life knowing that they should floss or wash clothes, I need reminders.

Seven. You suddenly have a extra stop during your errands and still stop to add it to your to do list.
I have been known to decide I need to stop by Target on my way home and still added it to my to do list. That 15 minute drive can be a dreadful mind eraser. 

Eight. You have canceled plans, skipped birthday dinners or avoided friends due to your to do list being too full. 
Guilty...don't judge! A long to do list makes me anxious and ain't no amount of wine is going to relax me.

Nine. You rewrite to do lists when they get too long, messy, or when you get a new pen.

Ten. You link up with several list linkys to share your crazy with other bloggers. 
Also, here and here.

The only correct way way I know to handle an addiction is to feed it, so without further ado I am linking up with I {Heart} Recess for her Monthly Goals Linky. 

Is there anyone else out there as obsessed with addicted to lists as I am...I certainly hope so!?!

- The Babbling Box!


  1. Thanks for linking up! Love the idea of a 30 mile 30 day challenge, may have to set that as a goal for June.


  2. Love the confession about your lists! I am usually the opposite, if I write it all down, I get discouraged. Although I do love planners and stationary and writing utensils! I might be a to do-er in waiting!

    Apples, Owls, and Peppermint Mochas

  3. I love the 30 day challenge! That's a great goal.

    Your "To Do List" List cracked me up.

    You might be addicted to To Do lists if you add something to your list that you have ALREADY completed just so you can cross it off! GUILTY.

    The Frizz

    The Frizz in First Grade