Short and Sweet

Here is a short and sweet recap of the highlights of my weekend. 

Side note: I woke up at 3 am this morning with a killer sinus headache/infection that has only gotten more annoying so I have already taken NyQuil in an attempt to sleep tonight. 
Hopefully this post will all make tons of sense. 
Or no sense. 
I think I would just settle for regular sense.

1. Sleeping late for three straight days. Glorious! Oh and don't forget napping, because I totally rocked that.

2.  Making homemade arugula pesto and then making pizza's with the pesto, I almost felt like a chef of some sort..until I posted this picture now I just feel silly it was a weekend highlight.

3.  Purchasing the Justin Timberlake album for my iphone... I might be a tech teacher but this was the first itunes purchase ever. I was so proud! 
And of course the album was AMAZBALLS just like I knew it would be!

4.  Using my coupon at Old Navy for a few cute spring items and saving $15 bucks! Oh and I got another coupon for next weekend. Old Navy I am on to your tricks...but I sure do like the idea that I am saving money while being duped!

5.  Date night with Mr. B! We went to Red's Porch for dinner and drank awesome beer! Stopped by Little Woodrow's for a cocktail or too...putting a bar near a movie theater is just wonderful plus we know the GM. We are cool like that! Then we went to see the new GI Joe movie, not exactly an Oscar winner but we both enjoyed it!

6.  Discovered my LOVE for this beer: 512 Cascabel Cream Stout! Dark and spicy, a wonderful combo.

7.  Had a girly night filled with wine, painting my nails and watching The Lucky One. Hello my name is The Box and I have a horrible addiction to reading and watching Nicholas Spark's work. It's sad really especially because I always know the movies are never as good as the books.

8.  Painted my nails a pinterest inspired way and totally dig the look. I will probably need a chisel to get the glitter off but its a fun change up!

9.  Had a long over due phone date with my bestie Erica, who just up and moved her life from Florida to Philadelphia in a matter of one week because her BF got a new job. I totally forgive her for not being available lately.

10. Spent Easter Sunday with friends and kids at Gina and Tom's which was a completely nice way to wrap up the weekend. I was able to sit back and sip on my hard cider and have someone cook for me and there were TONS of people to hover over their precious one month old twin girls. 
Who am I kidding I couldn't put them down when they were awake. TOO CUTE!!!

I blame the babies on why I have no pictures from Easter, those girls are itty bitty and I felt the best course of action was two hands on the baby at all times because you can't really exchange them if you break them.

I hope everyone has a painless rest of the week, hopefully I can beat this cold quick, we start state testing tomorrow and the last thing I have when I am sick is patience. 
And I will need it in TEN gallon buckets tomorrow I am sure.

- The Babbling Box!

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