Oh hello there Monday, so glad you could start this week off with such a bang. I had a 'real' blog post planned for today but then Monday happened and well now you just get some pictures. Lucky you?!?


This sign is was hanging above the reflection desk in my classroom, probably one of my favorite signs in my classroom.

But today a kid decided to destroy it because he 'hates' being in my 'dumb' classroom. Said kid proceeded to get a little aggressive with me and call me the most lovely vulgar names. While this behavior isn't completely unexpected I just haven't had any issues in my classroom this semester so I perhaps forgot how to 'deal' with it with the patience of a saint. So like I said it was a Monday.

Moving on to happier topics here are a few snapshots from my weekend.

The Lumineer's Concert - All of my pictures were dark and blurry, I nearly froze to death and drinks were $14.00 a pop. And it took us close to an hour to get out of the parking lot. Not exactly the blasty blast I was hoping for.
Sunday Funday at Hula Hut: lake + margaritas + tacky Hawaiian decor + good friends = perfect ending to the weekend
St. Louis Blues are in the playoff's Mr. B is slightly obsessed.
I am slightly obsessed with Angie's popcorn both white cheddar and the lightly sweet flavors have been AMAZBALLS!

And to perk myself up a bit here is some Monday Motivation, followed by a tall glass of wine.



Only four more days till Friday, Friday!!!


- The Babbling Box!

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