One of Those Days

Today was of those days. One of those days you wish you could just go back to bed. One of those days you wish you could start over. One of those days that you only laugh at later as you try to retell it in a post. 

1. Overslept, my own fault but not off to a good start at all.

2. Tried a new outfit inspired by Pinterest, was not 'feeling' it at all so I heed and hawed a bit too long in the closet. Really the outfit wasn't ground breaking not sure why it mattered.

Pinterest Inspiration:

Like the blue jean shirt.

Today's Outfit:
Denim Shirt - Forever 21
Black T-Shirt - Target
Khaki Capris - Victoria Secret
Shoes - Reef Brand

3. Heard Mr. B's alarm going off mid getting ready, said SH*T and tried to vacate the premises: hair undone, unhappy with outfit and only half of my workout clothes in my bag.

4. Normally it takes me about 20-25 minutes to get to work, silly considering I live 5 exits from work but none the less its my morning life. Today it took me 45 MINUTES! I was seven minutes late to morning duty, which frustrates me to no end. Morning duty is only 15 minutes long, I basically showed up at half time.

5. Since I was so focused on being late and the standstill traffic I wasn't paying close attention to the temperature but then again why should I.

I live in Texas where if it is 75 when you leave the house its only getting hotter and the AC in my classroom had been 'out' for the last two days dressing for the weather is overrated. EXCEPT for when it drops 15 degrees while I was in traffic, all the way down to the high 50's and starts raining. Stupid Texas weather.

So now I am standing outside at duty shivering and getting soaking wet. The wind is blowing so fiercely my eyes are tearing up and makeup is running down my face. It's 8:00 folks and I already look like a hot mess.

6.  I was running so late I didn't have time to get my work umbrella from my classroom so I grabbed my umbrella from my car. My HOT pink Victoria Secret umbrella. A hot mess advertising for Victoria Secret, this is who you want teaching your children right?1?

My day continued on in somewhat of the same hot mess manner, no need to bore you with more details.

Because Shanna Said So

Since this whole thing started with my closet and my 'wardrobe' crisis I thought I would share of few  additional self pics for What I Wore Wednesday. This is my very first time linking up, publishing or even taking these self pics. So I should be judged on a curve...

wiww banner

Hopefully this comes across like someone who loves to shop and not a silly girl taking pictures of herself in the bathroom...although I am both I guess.

And a more outfits from this week:

Dress - Forever 21
Cardigan - Target
Belt - Came with a shirt I can't wear to work
Shoes - Reef Brand
Shirt - Old Navy
Belt - came with a shirt from a now closed store
Skirt - Old Navy
Shoes - Reef Brand

Proof I am improving...venturing out of the bathroom...last Friday's Outfit:

Denim Shirt - Target
Black Under Tank - Charlotte Russe
Maxi Skirt - Target
Shoes - Reef Brand

And as I always tell my students, tomorrow is a new day, so hopefully it starts a little smoother than today did. Perhaps I should go plan my outfit now...

- The Babbling Box!

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  1. hehe.. sorry you got off to a rough start this morning! I'm usually late in the mornings also because I spend way too much time thinking in my closet. It drives my husband crazy! Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!!

    Sunny with a side of...