Girl Seeking Friend

This weekend was LOVELY!

My sister came up for the weekend and we were able to spend TONS of sister time together, didn't take nearly enough pictures and didn't spend hardly any money, so all and all it was a FABULOUS weekend.

We went out to dinner Friday night to Red's Porch, a place I go to WAY too much. But they serve queso and we HEART queso. 

Super dark and blurry, but the only one we took.
We came home and watched Walk The Line, we both love the movie and Johnny and June's love story. Mr. B just let us be and hung out in his TV room, shockingly he isn't head over heels in love with the movie. It was SO nice to be able to watch a chick flick with an actual chick, even if I did fall asleep in the first hour of the movie.

Saturday I had wanted to take sister kayaking so we went out to Lake Austin and hiked around for over an hour and could not find the rental shop. Once we finally found the rental shop it was too late in the afternoon and we were on a schedule for our evening plans. I was disappointed but at the same time it was such a nice change to get outside in the amazing spring weather and get some physical activity. Probably my favorite part of the whole weekend.

Saturday night we went to a friend's house for a birthday barbecue. We hung around and drank outside and just relaxed for a few hours. Said friends are looking to move to Dallas soon which is SUPER disappointing because they are one of the few couple friends Mr. B and I have here in Austin. 

That evening I found out that sister had never seen Boondock Saints and well that felt criminally wrong so I forced sweetly asked Mr. B to put it on and make have her enjoy the greatness that is the Boondock Saints. I feel asleep about 30 minutes into the movie...seeing a trend here.

Sunday, sister and I went to lunch at Galaxy Cafe and then she went back to Houston and I went back to reality of laundry, cooking and going to bed early without a buzz. 

All of the sister bonding this weekend made me realize how much I miss having a girlfriend to do things like this with. I don't need someone 24/7. I am actually pretty independent and enjoy doing things by myself. I also have Mr. B and on the rare weekend night that we are both off my biggest priority is always to spend time with him. BUT it would be nice to have a girlfriend to go hiking with, or shopping, or just have a cocktail with. 

Since graduating college the majority of my girlfriends have left Austin and while I am still in touch with them its not like I can just pop over to Philadelphia whenever I am craving some girl time. 

I have tried being friendly with my coworkers but I have found I have nothing in common with the majority of them. The three happy hours I have gone to have actually been painfully boring.

The easy solution here would be to make some friends, SHOCKING. But I haven't a clue how to go about finding new there for friends? Craiglist ads? Should I offer it as blog friendship slot? 

Girl seeking friend...
Or do you really make all the majority of your friendships during a certain period in life and it's up to you to work to continue those friendships no matter the distance?


- The Babbling Box!


  1. I am going through the same thing with friendships.
    I moved 3 months ago and I have yet to make A SINGLE friend.
    I have sorta taken the stance that I am going to work on preserving all of the great friendships I have already long distance, and if I happen to find someone who I click with here, I will go with it.

  2. Queso! Absolutely! Looks like a blast!

  3. Glad you had fun with your sister this weekend! I've never seen boondock saint's either, but then again I haven't seen a lot of good movies! That'll be on my next movie list, for sure :) Have a great week!!