Why I HEART...

Sometimes things resonate with you so much that there is nothing you can do but let it out.  

Yesterday I learned about the Boston Marathon Tragedy from CNN while changing in the gym locker room and spent the entire cardio workout following all of the CNN updates and this is how I felt:

When I finally got home last night I followed my usual routine of my social media check in. I was profoundly shocked by the number of facebook posts floating around that were screaming their political viewpoint, conspiracy theories or just passing on ignorant stories without checking facts. And this is how I felt:

I promptly put away my computer and all social media connections for the evening. My feelings continued this morning as I listened to my regular radio station continue to talk about the number of false stories floating around and the sage advice of checking your facts before spreading the stories. My feelings of dread for what social media is doing to actual news coverage further increased as I listened to students today spreading some of the same false stories. 

BUT then I came home this evening and my Google Reader is filled with stories from CNN about real heroes stepping up and helping during the tragedy. Even my daily check in with People filled my heart with hope as numerous stories are being reported of people willing to put themselves in harms way to help complete strangers. And one of many reasons WHY I HEART BLOGGING is the number of posts I saw today just showing support to the victims of this tragedy.

It's events like this that should remind us to unite together regardless of our political beliefs. To hold love in our heart for everyone and appreciate the many blessing that we all get to experience everyday. And most importantly not be disgusted by the ignorance of people but hold hope that the bombardment of love and support that are surrounding them will over shadow the messages they are willing to spread.

- The Babbling Box!

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