It's Friday, Friday


Yes all of my creativity has been zapped from me that I stole my title from Rebecca Black. Sue Me!!!
I hang out with teenagers all day it was bound to happen sooner or later.

I have been counting down the minutes hours days this week waiting for Friday to get here. And in eight hours this is what I will be doing to lesson plans, graded papers and every student complaint I received this week...


Time for some letters, just so you get a feel of where my mind is really at today...on FRIDAY, FRIDAY.


DEAR STATE TESTING, you are officially over and you can ...insert your own thoughts...
Thank you for the opportunity to walk 4 miles each day pacing a tiny classroom. Thank you for opportunity to just stare at students in silence, I did not know I go so long without speaking or stimulating my I do. And thank you for allowing me the opportunity to really test the capacity of my bladder...I now know I can do anything I put my mind to.

DEAR STUDENTS, just because the dreaded 'tests' are over does not in fact mean school is over. Let's make these last 5 weeks fly by as painlessly as possible.

DEAR SISTER, good luck have an AMAZING this weekend. Enough said.

DEAR BUDGET, we are on month four of the new years resolution budget and we are running a 75% failure rate of staying on track. Might not be a math major but that ain't good. 

DEAR SELF, please understand that a budget is not merely a suggestion of your expenses but an actual cut off point of your money. OKAY?!?

DEAR BODY, you worked out two days and walked 12+ miles during three days of testing, please stop acting like you just ran a marathon caring a human being on your back and weights around your stomach.

DEAR LUMINEERS: I am over the moon about your concert tonight. Please let the weather be lovely, parking be easy, drinks be plentiful and allow me to find the perfect outfit in my closet in under 15 minutes! 3 out of 4 will do.

DEAR TEXAS WEATHER: GET IT TOGETHER! If I can accept that my classroom might be 86 degrees everyday why can't you accept its April and we should be able to wear shorts everyday of the week. I have had enough of your stupid Wednesday cold!?

DEAR CREATIVITY: Please come back! I miss you!!! And no I do not need to go shopping to find some creativity...silly brain!

DEAR MR. B: I HEART you, sorry I have been SO lame and in bed before ten all week, blame state testing!!! I am totally stoked that we get to go out on a Friday night together. 
You + Me + Outdoor Concert + Boozy Drinks = PURE BLISS 
I just hope you like the concert. Screw your boss for scheduling you at 8 am Saturday, regardless we will still have a blasty blast.

And for your listening pleasure, I am sticking to my Friday theme and going with a little diddle from the move Next Friday, "Put Your Back Into It".

Put Your Back Into It by Ice Cube on Grooveshark

I wore yoga pants

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend...

"Everybody lookin forward to the weekend, weekend
Friday, Friday
Getting down on Friday
Everybody lookin' forward to the weekend."

- The Babbling Box!

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