Joining The 21st Century

Lately I have been branching out of my 'social' media box. Get it box...I am the box...never mind.

Easter weekend I bought my first iTunes album...I really wanted to make sure iTunes was going to stick around before I invested any money...or something like that.

Last weekend I set up a Twitter account... and I tweeted three whole times, then I might have forgotten I even set up this account. Impressive right?!? Really makes you want to follow me...right?!? 
Perhaps I should put it on my phone, it might get more use.


I also managed to set up a separate email account for my blog, something I probably should of done ages ago, now I just need to link that to my blog...suggestions?

Today I set up my BlogLovin' account since I know Google Reader will be fading away and those sorts of things always sneak up on me way too late. I was completely surprised on how easy the whole switch really was, now if I can just get that app on my phone I might actually start using it on the regular.  Let's not even get started about how slow I am at getting apps on my phone, or that I don't actually know my itunes password most days. 

For a technology teacher I am a bit slow reluctant to jump on the social media bandwagon too quickly. This stems largely from the fact that I do not want my students, students parents or administrators to be able to tie this blog to me professionally. That doesn't mean I don't want to talk about being a teacher sometimes, I just also want to talk about other the rest of my life.

Perhaps I should get over my fear because they probably all have lives that don't center around me, although I am pretty cool so I don't see why not. But some days I talk about adult beverages. And other days I talk about silly drunken fun. And other days I have been known to share pictures that no middle schooler I teach needs to see. BUT I want this blog to be a reflection of my life so not sharing those would be...boring and unboxish and we CAN'T have that!

Not a picture I need floating around school, yes that is a red bra you see.
But I also share sweet pictures!
So my question to my fellow teachers and/or bloggers who want to keep their identity private how do you manage all of your accounts without going insane? How much social media is too much? Do you worry about your identity as well, or I am the only crazy obsessive one?

- The Babbling Box!


  1. Although I'm not a teacher, I'm a lawyer and like to keep my things separate. The last name I use to practice law with is different than my married name. That helps.

    I also like to set privacy settings to certain things, and I only post things that I assume everyone I work with, would know, etc. is reading.

    As for managing the social media, it's all too much! But, I made a decision only to do Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. I have an Instagram but I don't really use it. I think you have to figure out which mediums you want to use, and then focus on those. I have a Google+ account but just haven't done anything with it.

    Just set limits for yourself and remember that you can't be in all of it all the time, or you'll go crazy!

    But then again, if you go crazy, it may be more entertaining for your readers!

    I'm visiting from the Peacoats and Plaid blog hop. :-)

  2. I make a point to never post my last name in text, although I've gotten lazier and let it be in one or two photos. I figure those aren't as easily searchable, at least.

    I have a separate Facebook page for my blog, and since I don't have a smart phone, I've resisted using Twitter (although I have an account) and Instagram. Pinterest is just my personal account, but I took my last name off of the account (since it does link to my blog).

    I try to keep my blog and personal life separate, and that partly means that my blog isn't something I tell most people about. But at some point I'll probably let coworkers know I have it- especially because my principal knows I have a blog and didn't freak out.

    I'll follow you on Twitter, even though I'm not really active! :)

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad