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After a long day of state testing the only thing I wanted to do tonight was climb into a bubble bath with a glass bottle of wine. But alas my sinus infection is still annoying me so Nyquil and a little blogging it is. I already worry about my liver shouldn't be unnecessarily cruel and combine the wine and Nyquil.

So I am off to Oh' Boy 4th Grade aka Farley for this month's currently and here I was thinking I might be pretty high on the list but no I am closer to 353...oh well the more to blog stalk the merrier.

Listening:  I HEART Jana Kramer from her One Tree Hill days so I absolutely digging her new song Whiskey.

Loving: We just had a downpour this evening and we really needed that rain...well our backyard is already a jungle so it didn't...but I know Austin did. Also I love spring weather 80's during the day and 60's at night, perfect patio drinking weather.

Thinking: I need to must write my video game unit for my web design class, like pronto. State testing this week means I hardly have any off periods to do lesson writing...or eat lunch go to the bathroom. And since I plan alone and this will be a brand new unit I am incorporating I imagine it will take longer than normal, I guess I will be pulling a late night one night this week.

Wanting:  I need to get back on track with my workout routine, March was pitiful. I tweaked my neck so last week I was out of commission all week and this week I have this stupid infection and can't breathe. No more excuses! Thinking about trying to do a 30 day 30 mile challenge to get me motivated.

Needing:  I desperately need some extra income this summer, but I don't teach classes that are taught in summer school so my certifications don't match exactly. We teach until the first week of June this year and I need to be available most of August so my window of work time is small. Any thoughts from fellow teachers?

Advice:  Be who you are and say what you feel. I love that quote it is on the outside and inside of my classroom door. I think it applies true for blogging as well. 
I find at times that I don't feel I fit a certain blogger mold or my posts aren't funny enough or charming enough, teachery enough, personal enough, or picturey enough...etc. 
But at the end of the day I know I posted something relevant to myself and how I was feeling at that moment so I try to remind myself that this is enough. For me the point to this whole blog is simply to express myself and my whole life (the good, the bad, the ugly, the pretty, the sad, the silly, the truthful, the annoyed) and not just what I want the world to think my life looks like.


- The Babbling Box!


  1. Visiting from Farley's linky. The video game unit sounds interesting. So glad our state testing was in the fall. I have so much to get through beginning next week. We don't get out until June 11, but don't start until after Labor Day. I agree with your advice.
    Learning in Bliss

  2. I just looked up about being a test proctor for SAT tests....they weren't hiring in my area, but maybe they are in yours? Try or

  3. Hi!

    Love your advice and the Dr. Seuss poster {and the music}.

    First Grade Schoolhouse

  4. Could you do some tutoring in the summer? What about a day camp counselor through Parks and Rec in your area. I did that one summer and it was a BLAST!