I resolve to...Carpe Diem

My 60th post! I will admit that I am a bit crazy and have avoided posting over the past couple of days in order to not end with an odd number of posts. I already admitted to being crazy, so don't judge.
I absolutely HEART making goals, resolutions and everything related. You probably noticed by my new addiction to the 5 for 5's.
So I knew my final post of 2012 was simply going to be focused on making goals for the new year.
2012 was an amazing year, I feel completely blessed to have had one year to just maintain a status quo. I didn't move, change jobs or make any life altering decisions. But now that life has settled a bit I am looking to shake things up a bit, hence my word: carpe diem!
Rather than make 3 plus different posts with resolutions, cause that would just be silly. I plan to try and link up to a few linky's all at the same time. This might make my goals seem repetitive, but just said in different ways. Cause an opportunity for me to babble is never passed up.
First I am linking up with Jessica at Fantastically Average's Special NYE Edition 5 for 5.

1. Capture more moments!
I plan to take part in the 365 day photo challenge this year. I was so disappointed that during the holidays I literally took no pictures, so hopefully this will allow me to feel more natural about snapping a few shots each day.
2.  Improve health and fitness!
I want to attend the gym at least 12 times a month and really focus on lighter easier meals to keep me going through the week.
3. Fix/better my finances!
I am horrible at dealing with my money, its CRAZY, how bad I am. So my year resolution is to be $5000.00 less in debt and have increased my savings by $1000.00. I have been reading a lot of different techniques and I really think I found one which can work for me.
4.  Spend more time with family and friends!
I want to make it a goal to talk to at least my immediate family once a month. See a family or friend once a month. And try and talk to at least two different friends a month. So many of my friends no longer live in state, and I think if spent half as much time talking to them as I do blogging I would become better at keeping my connections.
5.  Make a 2-3 plan for the future!
This one might sound vague, but I know that I have talked about graduate school, leaving the state, etc many different times, but I have never bothered to even research one option. In 2.5 years I turn 30, scary! But I want to have made a plan and started on it before time just slips away. I also know that that plan includes making future plans with Mr. B, another scary topic. Perhaps I used the word plan too much.
Next, I am linking up with Step Into Second Grade with Mrs. Lemons.
blessings giveaway
Technology Resolution:
Personal:  This ties in with my 365 day challenge: take more pictures and post them.
Professional:  Also take more pictures, but give up some control and allow my students to help edit the class website so the pictures actually get posted!
Organization Resolution:
Personal: Get my finances more organized so it easier to manage.
Professional:  Make a weekly plan of my conference time so I don't end up staying Friday until 6 just finish lessons or working all day Sunday. It makes me grumpy!
Professional Development:
Look into graduate school options and financing options.
Spend more time talking and meeting up with friends and family.
And break up my routine so me and Mr. B get more adventures and less monotony.
Find free activities to keep me from being the cleaning/running errands freak every Saturday, like painting, photography or hiking, etc.
Try and include some how to's on my blog, I try neat things and then forget to share or just plan forget that I liked something.
Attend the gym regularly, at least 12 times a month. Also I want to try out more weight lifting routines and less cardio activities.
Make meal plans that make sense and are easy to actually follow through come 6:00 Wednesday night.
I am also going to link up with Teaching Madness but I am going to save you the trouble of having to read all of my goals again and just use my previous goals, your welcome!
Teaching Maddeness
I found this really cute printable on pinterest that I printed out and really thought out all of my answers before I made resolutions. I felt like this made my resolutions more realistic because it fits what I want/need/share/succeed for 2013 in general. I plan on posting it above my closet mirror so I am reminded daily of what I am working towards.
Plus with all my link ups I have even more accountability to follow through with my resolutions and share my journey via words and hopefully pictures.
I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year's Eve, we are still scrambling to make plans, but hopefully something comes together and we will be somewhere amusing and sharing the time with close friends!
- The Babbling Box

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