365 Photo Challenge

Happy New Year!!!

One of my new year's resolutions was to participate in a 365 photo challenge.
First I should add that I am by no means a good photographer.
I am generally the one with pictures full of fingers, blurs and just tilted feet.
So if you were looking for beautiful insightful pictures it won't be here.
But I am also the one who is always kicking myself for not taking pictures. Last night I actually said, that would be a really cool picture, but didn't even bother to pull out my iphone and try. I blame the champagne.
So in an effort to take more pictures, capture more moments and most importantly be more present in the moments I am challenging myself to take a picture a day for the entire year. And share it here on my blog, because pictures tend to be snapped but left to die on my iphone.
I set up a whole separate page just for this challenge, on my blog posts I tend to babble, shocking! So for this challenge I don't want to make more work for myself thinking I need to include a story with every picture, I really want the pictures to speak for themselves.
I spent some very valuable time researching various 365 day challenges, and I really liked the one over at Fat Mum Slim. Prompts are definitely something I think that will be helpful for me sticking to the challenge and expanding my pictures beyond the normal subjects of myself and Mr. B and food/drinks.

I even found a neat app for the iphone, Photo365 that allows you to fill in a calendar of your pictures which I thought was really neat. It was $1.99 but I rarely buy apps and thought it would be useful to have a cute little screen shot at the end of each month. 
I think the way to face any challenge is diving feet first into it, so here goes nothing...


-The Babbling Box!


  1. I am also doing this but I always have some sort of camera in hand. My problem is following through with posting the pictures! I am hosting going to try hosting my photos on Shutterfly and I also found project365.org. I hadn't thought about just making another blog but it is still early so I may steal that idea! Good luck with your 365 pictures :) and thanks for the resources. The prompts is a good idea for those days you get stuck! Happy New Year!
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    1. Thank you! I look forward to seeing your pictures wherever you choose to host them at. Happy New Year!

  2. This is SUCH a good idea and I'm doing it!!!!!!! :) Thanks!!!!!!! What a great way to document the year!!!!! Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you! Perhaps I will even make a monthly linky...that might be a lofty goal. I am your newest blog follower, looking forward to seeing your pictures.

  3. Just stumbled across your blog and I love stumbling across fellow teacher blogs! :)

    I always say that I am going to do one of these challenges (because I see them all over Instagram every month!) But, I have yet to finish even a WHOLE week, yeah I know, it's so pathetic. Maybe i'll try this one as well???

    I like the idea of a monthly linky though! :)

    1. I also HEART finding fellow teacher blogs, especally middle schoolers and in Texas too!

      I have some doubts that once school starts I will be that dedicated, but its worth a shot!

  4. Hi
    My name is Noel Chenier, and I am a photographer and educator based in New Brunswick, Canada.
    I couldn't find a contact email, so that is why I am using the comment.
    First off, good luck with the challenge!
    since you are taking part in a 365, I wanted to share with you (and hopefully your followers) the details of some apps that I have launched that will help with ideas and inspiration.
    I didn't want to post the info first without asking you first. If you are, please contact me at noel@noelchenier.ca and I can give you full details.
    thanks, and again good luck with your challenge! Enjoy you weekend before you head back to school!
    Noel Chenier