Stopping Cursing...One Push Up At a Time!

Before I start this post I feel like I should add a disclaimer.
I don't expect that everyone will have the same opinion of this classroom management technique.
I teach middle schoolers.
At a Title One - inner city school.
And cursing is a BIG issue. 
Every month at PBIS we discuss preventing/curving the amount of cursing.
In the classroom, in the hallway, towards teachers and towards peers.
Its a BIG issue.  Perhaps I should find a better word than big...

I heard about a consequence from a fellow teacher for cursing in the classroom, "30 minute detention or 10 push ups for cursing in the room."

I rolled the idea around in my head all over winter break of using it in my classroom, I didn't want to turn it into a chance for the boys to show off. I teach a lot of boys! 

But I bit the bullet put my big girl panties on and launched the whole shebang last week.

And its been only 8 days of using the consequence but I think know its working.  The first curse word I heard all semester happened today and the student choose to do push ups and openly complained about how embarrassing it was the entire time. 

Some of you might be thinking gesh 8 days isn't an accomplishment I go all semester, but keep in mind I am trying to break a habit that is very VERY  desensitized with my group of students.

While it is definitely up to me to be consistent for the entire semester, being able to have a consequence that really bothers the students is so empowering. Because lets face it calling home and detentions mean absolutely nothing for my particular groups of students.

With that I am off my 'teacher soap box' and linking up with This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday

Here's what I am LOVING today:

I am LOVING my awesome new classroom management technique, see above.

I am LOVING my new semester of students, still absolutely wonderful!  
Its lovely to have so many on task workers everyday who enjoy coming to my classroom.

I am LOVING that all 30 of my computers have updated browsers!
It might have taken me an extra hour after school but at least we will actually be able to work on our project tomorrow in google apps without it freezing every other minute. 

Okay, really off teacher stuff!

I am LOVING that we have a three day weekend ahead of us. 
For sleeping relaxing and catching up around the house. And maybe some sleeping.

I am LOVING my new homemade body scrub, I have seen tons of recipes on pinterest and finally just made a batch and its made my skin feel so soft. 
I will never buy a body scrub again and I don't really follow recipes so I can't share - shame on me.

I am LOVING that we have the house back to normal. 
We had 'house guests' for close to two weeks until their apartment was ready and it was a big change in our normal routines. We are probably too set in our ways, but oh well.

I am LOVING my new hair trick from pinterest, totally wish I had pinned it on my own board, but the google normally answers all of my questions. 
Maybe everyone already knew this, but I ain't afraid to admit that I have been doing it wrong all my life.

And per normal I am LOVING Mr. B, especially since he has put up with my extra whiny and exhausted self this week. And he went out of his way to put my car in the garage so it wouldn't be covered in ice in the morning.  He is pretty awesome like that!

What are you loving this Wednesday?

- The Babbling Box!

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