Tell Me Who Has Been Mean To You

Gosh I LOVE three day weekends, only two more work days until another weekend. 

On that note I am linking up with This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday.

Here's what I'm LOVING...

I'm LOVING my students, I keep raving about how awesome my semester of students have started out as and they are not letting me down. Two examples:

1. Our first day of blogging in Web Design I had to approve over 60 blog posts and 50+ comments, that's just for two periods.  WOW, I couldn't even keep up.

2.  I had a new student join one of my classes last Friday. I knew he was a 'tough cookie,' I had actually had him for testing one day and had to have administrators get involved due to his disruptions and disrespect. So let's just say I was slightly worried, he was joining a class full of 24 girls, predictions were impossible. But he has been wonderful.

He asked to eat lunch with me and he had tons of questions for me. 
Here is my favorite, the cliff notes version: 
Student: "has anyone ever been mean to you here"
Me: "like students or teachers"
Student: "have students cursed at you"
Me: "yes"
Student: "tell me who has been mean to you"

For course I didn't tell him who, but the fact that after two days he was that concerned was pretty impressive.

I'm LOVING that Justified is back, and of course Shameless, House of Lies, Bachelor... Who needs mental stimulation when you have bad television.

He is just too sexy!
Of course, I'm LOVING Mr. B and the fact that he takes such wonderful care of our little abode.

Pinned Image
We are odd, but Mr. B actually owns this shirt, I bought it for him! for Valentine's Day!

And finally I'm LOVING my pinterest finds.

Which also means I am linking up The Vintage Apple for Oh' How Pinteresting.

My pinterest finds will be a little different this week, I am only posting food creations that I have made this week and HEART! I have been on a bit of a roll with so knock out recipe finds...

Pinned Image

No Bake Energy Bites: I had to convince Mr. B that they were in fact healthy they were so yummy.

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Shamrock Protein Shake: Tried this yesterday and was amazed how yummy this protein shake was.

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Sweet Chili Tofu with Steamed Kale and Coconut Quinoa: Made this for dinner tonight and couldn't stop eating it.

And finally some pins for the house:

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After baby shower shopping last weekend, I am over the moon at this pin. 
Big disclaimer, won't need it for a few years.

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So pretty! I HEART anything with gray and white.

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HEART anything to do with Johnny Cash!
Loving these two link ups!

-The Babbling Box!


  1. That bedroom is GORGEOUS! I'm a bit of grey, silver and white gal, myself!

    ..........found this very amusing "Who needs mental stimulation when you have bad television."

    I've quite enjoyed my first visit here!

  2. Thank you! Some teachers talk about books, articles, I have bad television...everyone needs a few vices I guess.