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I was browsing through the bloggy world and stumbled across I Wore Yoga Pants to Work's blog and her Facts of Me linky. She likes wine, I HEART wine so it seemed like kismet...

The Facts of Me

I am indecisive it actually took me a bit large amount of time before I committed to actually posting this. I lay out my outfits the night before and change my mind when I wake up. I am obsessed with tattoos and have always wanted one but can't decide what I want. It's a problem I know, admitting is the first step right...

In high school I was 'susy high school' I was student council secretary, on the debate team, Spanish club, math club, honor society, journalism, dance...I am sure there was more but its been a while. Now I despise organized clubs and such...wonder why?

I am a big FAT chicken, I am pretty much scared of everything. As a kid I was afraid of the bathtub drain, hid from bees in a bathroom, slept with every light on when no one was home. I still get nervous about being home alone at night. I blame my parents, apparently they didn't teach me the best coping mechanisms. Now there all just funny stories at holiday dinners. 

Mr. B and I never had a first date, the start of our relationship is different, but regardless we don't date. Never have, probably never will... I don't ever refer to Mr. B by his real name and he doesn't use my real name, its always nicknames. I am pretty sure it would be weird to do anything else at this point.

We are unique.
I am a extremely OCD, everything needs to be in the order that my head thinks it should. And I will reorganize the dishwasher a million times after you are done, drives Mr. B insane. Hence my last post on reorganizing my closet and bathroom, riveting stuff to some people I am sure.

I always call my students, 'my kids' never my students. Non teachers will probably find that odd, but for one semester at least they are mine for better or worse. I am incredibly goofy in front of my kids and never get bashful, one single teacher or administrator walks in and I clam up and forget how to speak like a normal adult. I ran a staff of 10 assistants and dealt with attorneys all day at the law firm, I know how to interact with adults I just seem to forget how to.

I HEART Mexican food, could eat it everyday and never get sick of it. I don't lie I worked at Mexican food restaurant in college and feed myself very nicely with any of their food I could take home each day.

I am obsessive about television shows, I invest a lot of time in characters and plot lines. I know back stories and can give you play by plays without a second thought, but can't remember what I ate the day before. My friend met Norman Reedus once and took a picture with him, I was jealous for days. I have never missed an episode of One Tree Hill, Friends, Sons of Anarchy, Shameless, Walking Dead, 90201...I will stop now for fear you will begin to judge me.

You will never find me without a glass or bottle of water. I even take one to the bathroom when I shower, probably TMI...

I laugh at everything, or giggle or cackle.  I do it mostly because I am always a pretty happy person, buts its also a coping mechanism when I don't know what to say or do. Especially uncomfortable situations, or situations where people cry or are upset. I am not insensitive promise, just not a crier.

I am interested in blog stalking reading your facts, so link up. That doesn't sound creepy at all...

- The Babbling Box!

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