Rainy Days and Cherries

It's the first Friday of 2013, my last Friday of winter vacation and I am curled up on the couch watching bad girly TV and blog stalking. I live a riveting life!

My blog stalking has lead me to linking up with Ashley at Sweet Season for Friday's Letters for the very first time. A blank canvas to write as many letters as I want, oh the possibilities for babbling!

Dear 2012, you went way to quickly! It was a lovely year of making progress in my role as a teacher, better sister and daughter. I enjoyed my first real summer since I was 16 and I certainly took advantage of it. Mr. B and I survived our first year of living together and have made progress in making this house our little home. 
Dear 2013, here's to making this year even better than the year before. I am hoping for a healthier and lighter year, making better choices in health, finances and how I spend my time both personally and professionally. And hopefully making some bigger plans for the future.
Dear head cold, GO AWAY you are ruining my last few days of vacation. 
Dear HEB, thank you for having amazing selection of fruits and veggies and tons of coupons. Over $11 in savings! 
Dear spring semester of students, please be kind to me! I will challenge you, most likely annoy you but we will have so much fun learning different types of technology if you allow yourself. 
Dear Mr. B, thank you for putting up with my silly antics! I am so completely blessed to have such an amazing man in my life. And thank you for putting up with our unexpected house guests! 
Dear Texas weather, while I have enjoyed the rainy dreariness as I bum about but starting Monday morning there needs to be a change. No way do I want to stand in 40 degree rainy weather at 7:45. 
Dear iphone camera, thank you! You have been such a helpful tool in working on my 365 challenge, wish I would have experimented sooner.

- The Babbling Box!

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