Seeking Motivation

It's Monday, again, and boy am I beat. I never think the first week back from holiday is rough, for me its the second week when I really feel exhaustion setting back in and not leaving the school until past 6:30 tonight really made it all sink in. Or maybe its looking at my calendar this week.

Tonight CAC meeting kept me there until 6:30.
Tuesday new teacher meeting until 5:30(which I might not attend, I am a rebel).
Math/Science Night on Wednesday until at least 7:30.
PBS meeting Thursday until 5:00.

Looking at that schedule reminds me that I definitely need to link up with Jessica and Jenn's Five for Five linky if I want to get anything accomplished past the sleep, work, shower and eat routine. Or that I should of bought more wine for the week.

Here is a look at last weeks goals, red means I did not accomplish the goal and green means accomplished.  I am looking pretty green...

1. Leave work before 5:30 every night this week! Rocked this one out of the park! I love being able to be home before six and actually get some relaxation time in. Some teachers might think that is entirely too late but I run an afterschool program two days a week that keeps me there until 5:20 and I have the worst habit of trying to get one more thing done before I leave, which turns into it being dark before I actually leave. Looking at this weeks schedule I am definitely thankful I took advantage while I could.
2. Go to the gym at least 3 times.  Epic failure! I went one day last week. Nearly all of November I made it 2 days and I couldn't even accomplish that last week, I have no excuse.
3. Make a hair appointment.  Done and done! I can not wait until December 15th.
4. Make a real phone date with Erica! We talked Thursday night for 30 or so minutes and with my schedule this week I doubt we will talk this week, most likely we won't be able to do a skype date until Christmas break.
5. Schedule my PDA's. Also accomplished! Its next Wednesday and I am already super nervous/thinking of bribing 3rd period with oddles of PAT if they perform above par.
Now for this week's goals, they will probably look a little lighter due to my schedule but hopefully they will keep me moving forward this week without a ton of to do's for the weekend.
1.  Finish all three classes materials for next week: lessons, ppts, worksheets, agendas, etc.
I pretty much worked for hours yesterday entering grades and do NOT want to bring home work again this weekend.
2.  Load at least one item on the TPT website.
I have tons of lessons that I have spent hours creating that I would like to share but I never seem to set aside time to put it all together. I blame not having Microsoft on my home computer, but really its just the last thing I want to mess with some days.
3.  Purchase all of Mr. B's birthday presents.
Mr. B will turn the BIG 2-9 on the 20th, and then he leaves for St. Louis for a week so I need to have everything ready to go before he leaves town. Last year was an epic failure on my part, nearly everything I got him had to be returned, so this year I feel like I need to make up. I have a list of 29 presents, which he thinks is crazy, but I tend to be a bit gift crazy.
4.  Decide on at least "homemade" Christmas present for family and buy the supplies. Oh and start!
I would like to make something for my immediate family for Christmas and last years desire to do this is still sitting in our hall closet, so this year I want to get started early. Pinterest is adding fuel to this fire, I just need to make a decision and stick with it.
5.  Work out at least 3 days.
Yes this is back on the list. I just need to find some motivation and get my butt in gear and actually exit the freeway for the gym rather than talking myself out of it everyday.

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I hope everyone has a great week and good luck with your goals!

- The Babbling Box!

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