Feeling Crafty

It's day 2 of my winter break and I am in full craft mode. Like four trips to Hobby Lobby this week crafting mode. I might regret my feet first jump into crafting and not taking a bit of time for relaxation, but as the saying goes "I can sleep when I am dead."
Mr. B's birthday was Thursday, it was his 29th birthday so I provided him 29 presents. Because that is something sane people do.
On the crafty side of his presents, I made him a homemade cake which called for fireball in it. And we HEART fireball in our house. So it was sort of a home run.  Mr. B didn't actually have time to try it, so hopefully it freezes well for when he returns from St. Louis. I made sure and do some quality control and it was pretty yummy, though not that attractive. A baker I am not! Full recipe originally came from Cupcake Wars, I just subbed in fireball.
I also crafted him an additional DVD shelf. Three years ago I gave him a six compartment shelf which I painted black and decoupaged the inside with our favorite comic strip. He had definitely outgrown the shelf. So I tracked down one that was as similar as the original, purchased it and painted it black but I wanted it to be unique. So instead of comic strips I ended up decoupaging the inside with newspaper headlines from his favorite sports teams and pictures of us at those sporting events.
So cute!!!
The complete look, we REALLY like St. Louis sports!
I was completely unsure if I would be able to make and paint ornaments before I left for Houston tomorrow but I worked feverishly and have quiet the assortment of painted ornaments. I even have some plain ornaments to paint with my sister tomorrow night. I used clay from Hobby Lobby and rolled it out and cut out circles and different shapes, some I painted before I baked and others after I baked them to set them. If I would have known how easy it was to make ornaments I would have done this ages ago. Full instructions originally came from A Beautiful Mess blog.
This is just a few of my many ornaments!
I painted some purchased Christmas figurines from Hobby Lobby. I really dig how they all three turned out, and considering I purchased them over a year ago its crazy that I was actually able to paint them this year in time for Christmas.
Even if I wasn't able to purchase gifts for anyone this year, I am very pleased that I was able to give them a little something crafty! And for anyone I missed Patrick and I made Christmas cards with our photo's on them, which I know can seem cheesy but we did it in our own unique way.
Who needs wrapping paper when you have butcher paper and stamps!

Tomorrow I will make the 3 hour trek to my Dad's house and I am on mission to find the White Christmas DVD. It is one of our favorites, right past National Lampoon's Christmas, but no place in the greater Austin area seems to have it in stock. So I will brave the crazy shopping traffic to find the DVD when I get to Houston.
I will be without Internet and cable for the next couple of days, so I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

-The Babbling Box!


  1. I always set my sights so high when I see other people being so crafty and always SAY that i'm going to attempt some of the stuff I see, but alas, I never actually do... But, I'm one crazy pinner on pinterest! So, it kinda looks like i'm a crazy crafter according to the stuff I pin ;)

    P.S. You're gorgeous!

    P.S.S. Newest follower :)

    1. Thank you!
      Believe me I had very high doubts that I would be able to accomplish all of this in time for Christmas.
      I am completly addicted to pinterest too, though I think some of those crafty people have way too much time on their hands.
      Also your newest follower!