Five for Five

It's Monday again, only one more of this semester thank goodness!  I feel like my to do list keeps growing, growing and growing instead of shrinking, which has left me feeling frustrated.
It is my own fault, I avoided doing any work this weekend both for school or personal and I am definitely paying for it today.
I had lofty goals of getting to school early and getting all my grading caught up by the end of the day. And that did not happen. Arrived to school late, had an actual PLC that was loooong so no time to do anything but fire up the projector. 2nd period made me question why I am even a teacher, got called a "ho" multiple times and I snapped at security. Took a moment to step outside and "cool off" before 3rd period came in. My shining class, which was half absent on a field trip.
Just when I think I am getting my groove back, I get the notice that my only planning period will be subbing for a teacher on said field trip. This was my frustration beyond frustrations last year, elective teachers are pulled during off periods to sub if a teacher doesn't find a sub. Let me tell you, I just love to loose my planning period because someone else didn't follow procedures. And it happened at least once a week starting this time last year and lasted ALL year. So I guess its starting up again. Joy.
After that I pretty much gave up on the day, thank goodness my last three classes were willing to work on their projects with little guidance.

End rant. 

If you are still reading, I am actually doing some linking up to get my week back on track. I am linking up with Jessica and Jenn's Five for Five linky again this week.

Last Weeks Goals
red means I did not accomplish the goal and green means accomplished

1. Finish all three classes materials for next week: lessons, ppts, worksheets, agendas, etc.
Done! And even done with two preps through the end of the semester.
2. Load at least one item on the TPT website.
Done! I loaded up my financial "Game of Life Project" that I will try to find some time to explain in an upcoming post.
3. Purchase all of Mr. B's birthday presents.
Almost done! All the big things are done and I have 25 planned out, I just need to acquire some small things this week for the final five.
4. Decide on at least "homemade" Christmas present for family and buy the supplies. Oh and start!
Started! I purchased clay and began making and painting homemade ornaments on Saturday. I still have a lot to do but happy to have been able to get them molded and baked.
5. Work out at least 3 days.
I made it two out of three days, which isn't bad but I really need to get a better routine.
Now for this weeks goals:
1.  Make a schedule for my to do list items.
I think looking at a long list of to do's is overwhelming during the week, so I tend to save all of my errands until the weekend but with holiday shoppers my patience dwindles so I hope by taking care of some small errands: dry cleaning, gag gift purchases, liquor store, etc. I will feel less CRAZY!
2.  Print all first week of school items for next semester.
Since I teach a semester elective I need to find time to print 3 different syllabus' and all my first week items before we leave for break. Unfortunately we don't get a planning and prep day when we return so unless I want to spend my winter break up at the school I need to get a jump start.
3.  Paint all of the ornaments I made.
I am a big starter of projects and not a big finisher, so I will not allow myself to make anything new until I get my first dozen ornaments painted and sealed.
4.  Stay Positive/Not Stress
This last week of school is rough for our kiddo's they get a little extra crazy, as I am sure they all do. But consequences pretty much fly out the window with only 8 class days left, especially when you won't see them again next year, so my goal is to just stay positive despite their crazy antics. And my PDA's is Wednesday so not stressing over this is a BIG goal.
5. Work out at least 3 days.
Still seeking motivation...
I probably won't be back until after Wednesday, I get so nervous when I am being observed, like voice cracking sweaty palms shaking hands nervous, so I feel like any post I do before the observation will just be more ranting or nervous stressing. So I will be back in a few days, wish me luck!
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