Surburbia Bliss

This week has been uber productive, perhaps its my dedication to my 5 for 5, or its just the natural slowing down that seems to happen in December with teaching semester electives. With basically all of my lesson plans written through the end of the year I am certainly feeling a little lighter.
Around the house we have been crossing a few bigger goals off our house list, some of which are a constant reminder of our transition from apartment dwellers to suburbia residents. While Mr. B might disagree that today was anything close to blissful, it certainly is pleasant to be able to make improvements to our little abode.
Our brand new BBQ Pit! Looking forward to making some yummy creations.
Chicken and veggie fajitas, the first of many BBQ meals...

Finally a ceiling fan in our master bedroom. It hasn't fallen down yet, though the highest speed is SCARY...
As per normal pinterest has been both inspiring me and causing me to be a procrastinator. I have so many ideas for homemade Christmas presents that I hope to try out and share. I also have a ton of recipes planned for the next two weeks that I will share if they turn out worthwhile. 
One pin that I did find and tried is a shower cleaner. If you have a glass standing shower you can relate to my frustrations with streaks. I had never been able to find a cleaner that really worked so I pretty much just avoided thinking about the shower during my weekly bathroom cleanings. Until now! This is pretty much the best pin idea ever and so CHEAP!  All you need is a kitchen sponge, vinegar and dish soap. Mix them in the kitchen sponge and wipe down the walls every couple of days and the shower will stay streak free. I keep my sponge hanging in the shower with some zip ties and just wipe down while I am showering. Its almost like magic how clean the shower will be!

As I sip on my glass of wine and wish for another weekend day to do the unmeasurable amount of grading I still need to do before tomorrow afternoon for progress reports, I will end the post with one last pinterest pin I found:

if you are a frequent pinterester as I am, I am sure you have seen this pinned before, but the message is very meaningful this time of year and something I certainly wish I could better teach my students.

-The Babbling Box!

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  1. Love the projects! My boyfriend says Pinterest might be the devil since the result of my browsing always involves me asking him to saw, cut, fix, build, or paint something :)

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