Flexible, Maybe?

Today I am linking up with Jessica and Jenn's Five for Five linky.


I really have been enjoying doing these link ups as a way to keep myself focused during the week. I had some frustrations last week that pretty much messed up my entire 5 days of goals and by the end of Wednesday I was so fed up with everything. I even had a nice little rant half written in my head ready for my blog. But with the events of Friday I felt my frustrations weren't nearly as important as I originally had thought they were.
One of the most important things I think I have learned as a teacher is learning to be flexible. Nothing seems to go exactly as planned when you teach, but dealing with those curve balls keeps us on our toes and makes my job anything but boring. I have had the boring job where each day was exactly the same and I will take teaching any day over monotony.
Regardless of that statement I was less than pleased to learn Wednesday that we would be running a block schedule this entire last week of school. And then to learn that my gradebook had to be locked by tomorrow at noon, added even more stress. The disappointing thing really was the fact that my afternoon classes on Tuesday will basically be showing me their final project for the class with no real grade possible. I have absolutely no clue what I will be doing for 90 minutes with each class for the next three days to keep them entertained, when I can't take any grades and won't be seeing these students when we return from winter break.
But hey that's what its about, right, being flexible?!?
On that note my goals from last week are looking pretty red but to be fair I had to pretty much drop everything and enter grades.
Last Week's Goals
1. Make a schedule for my to do list items.
Definitely have been using the reminders tab on my phone like crazy, its been incredible helpful in making sure I take care of small tasks after school.
2. Print all first week of school items for next semester.
I have one class done. I need to rush the other two out so I don't have to go up to the school Friday.
3. Paint all of the ornaments I made.
I thought it would be wonderful to use ink and stamps for this, yea NOT! Ink just smeared everywhere ruining the nice white ornaments.
4. Stay Positive/Not Stress
Not at all! I actually yelled at a class last week, and I never yell. The fire alarm went off and they actually got out of their chairs and ran around screaming. A kid couldn't keep his hands out of his pants, uncomfortable. They were throwing legos and bullying each other. Grrr...
5. Work out at least 3 days.
Once again only two days.
This Week's Goals
1. Work out at least 3 days.
Putting this at the beginning to put more pressure on myself.
2. Finish Mr. B's Presents.
His birthday is Thursday and I NEED to finish some last minute details. Kind of stressed about finishing the crafty present.
3. Prepare first week of school materials.
This is a must! I also need to decide what I have to do and what can wait until we get back from break.
4. Pack/Prepare for Houston
I am leaving for Houston this weekend and I ALWAYS wait till the last minute to pack and prepare everything I need to take and I really want this year to be a relaxing week there with no stress.
5.  Enjoy this week!
As I wrap up this semester I am saying goodbye to some of my students who I won't have again, and I want to end class on a positive note.  I have received multiple emails from students telling me how much they enjoyed my class or want to have me again and I want to keep those thoughts with me as I deal with the crazy boys with hands down their pants, still uncomfortable.

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  1. Wow formal goals every week! Maybe this will be my 2013 resolution! Cute blog!

  2. Thank you! I swear if it wasn't for these 5 for 5's I would of never been able to get everything ready for Christmas. I love finding more middle school bloggers.