Goodbye Spring Break!

Goodbye Spring Break! (For the life of me I could not think of a better title, sigh, some days you have it and some days you just don't.)

For me its always a bittersweet going back to work, I absolutely despise waking up at 5:00 am or really anytime before noon, but I certainly enjoy getting my routine back. 

For the most part my students were back in our normal groove today, its always nice to be able to say that at the end of the day no students riffled my feathers. There was one girl that I considered poking in the eye with her mascara wand after her hundredth reapplication today...but alas I showed restraint.

Today I am linking up again with Jess and Jenn for the Five for Five in an attempt to shake my spring break laziness.

First lets recap last weeks goals: red means failed, yellow means kinda and green means success. 

1.  Blogging GoalThree blog posts this week and update my 365 photo page. Success!

2.  Personal Goal - 4 days in the gym this week. One really intense workout will never equal four workouts.

3.  TPT Goal Post at least 5 items up. I think I managed to get seven items added to my store this past week. Double success!

4.  House GoalCook at least two different meals at home this week. I only cooked one real mean at home this week, plus a bunch of different health bars so I will call this a kinda success.

Side note:  Looking for a super easy healthy lunch option you should definitely try this Bok Choy Salad from Annie's Eats. Super easy to prep, transfers wonderfully to work and tastes amazing.

Bok choy brown rice salad with orange sesame dressing from Annie's Eats

5.  Future Goal Finalize research on Master's Programs. I am also calling this a kind of success, I have narrowed it down to two different programs but I am having a hard time deciding.

6.  Friendship Goal Our close friends had twin girls, I know they have been bombarded with family and friends so we have been trying to give them space but Mr. B and I want to cook something to drop by and of course see the twins! We were able to meet the twins on Saturday PRECIOUS is an understatement but I think at this point I am going to hold off on cooking anything and once her house is family free in a couple of weeks bring over a bottle of wine for her to enjoy.

And here are this week's goals:

1.  School Goal - Get to school everyday by 7:15, for me morning mean a ton of time to get work done, I am just horrible at getting up. Oh, and don't get me started on deciding what to wear, it's an extra 30 minutes some days.

2.  Blogging Goal - Try and comment on at least five different blog posts this week. I love blog stalking reading but I have a horrible time thinking of comments to leave besides I think your blog is super neat...

3.  Health Goal - Go to the gym at least four days this week. No excuses!!!

4.  Personal Goal - Figure out something for my brother's 25th birthday on Saturday. I have absolutely no money past my bus ticket and lunch so while my presence is always a nice gift, I feel like I should at least make him a card or something. 

5.  Future Goal - Make a final decision regarding master's program and submit an application. One school's deadlines are in April so I really need to get the ball rolling if I want to start in August.

Hopefully this is a manageable list, past my daily to do list I make for myself, oh and there is my school to do list...perhaps I have an obsession with to do lists.  To Do List Anonymous anyone?

- The Babbling Box!

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