The Not Pie

I made pie! 
But not really...let's be honest here I don't bake.
HEART cooking but hate baking. 
Baking requires exact measurements and time and probably a little patience and I don't have any of that. When I cook I go fast, measure by my eyes (they are very exact) and want it done and my kitchen clean before my DVR show ends.

But...I found this amazing looking recipe on pinterst and knew that I had to make it and quick!  I already go through a small army's rations of peanut butter and greek yogurt every week, so why not increase the intake.

Here is the recipe from pinterest...

Pinned Image

Here is my creation...please hold back your snickers I am getting enough of them from Mr. B, hence the not pie title.

A couple of side notes, Oreo pie crust was no where to be found so I went with chocolate, good but Oreo would have probably been better. I also think that melted chocolate on top would have made the pie, but in an attempt to keep it on the healthy side I went sans chocolate.

Since I was already talking about pinterest...though I am not sure if I go a post without talking about it...I decided to link up with The Vintage Apple for Oh' How Pinteresting!

The Vintage Apple

Here are a few of my favorite pins lately...

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Love the statement necklace!

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Obsessed with this style of boot...perhaps I impulse purchased a pair on amazon last night...don't tell Mr. B!

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This just screams summer, relaxing and amazing...

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This has really inspired me for our master summer renovation project!

P.S. Only two more days until SPRING BREAK!!!

- The Babbling Box!


  1. i love that poster headboard! i think i may do that in my room as well!
    awesome post! have a great day (:

    1. Thank you! I really like your quote pins, especially the I will keep you wild one!

  2. Hi! I found your blog through Currently and through Life in Middle School's link-up (I'm taking a picture out my front door tomorrow!) I am so excited to find another sixth grader blogger. YAY! And I'm glad to be your newest follower.

    So glad your Spring Break is within sight. Ours is still three weeks away!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

    1. Hello, I saw your comment and immediately went to check out your page, since I love finding fellow middle school bloggers but I realized I was already one of your followers.

      Thank you for stopping by, your spring break sounds so far away, hoping your next three weeks fly by. (But this week goes a bit slower for me :))